Zambia: Under Chinese influence | Reporters Plus • FRANCE 24 English

China’s presence is visible all over #Africa. But nowhere as much as in #Zambia, the African nation where it invested the most …


35 thoughts on “Zambia: Under Chinese influence | Reporters Plus • FRANCE 24 English”

  1. The Chinese shall definately provide the much needed infrastructure for Zambia which was neglected by other western countries. Regardless of some problems, progress can still be visible. Smart move Zambia.

  2. It's important to be careful before making any meaningful conclusion about this France 24 video. It's best to be skeptical, because Africa's relations with France is at best not cordial with most African countries. It's also necessary to find out factually what's actually taking place in Zambia.

  3. Since when "under somebody's influence" is a problem? Let's see — the whole Europe is under the US's influence. The NATO nations are under US influence. Japan is completely influenced by the US. India is under the influence of Russia. On and on.

  4. If we put aside the slave trade and colonization by the western world, and take a look at Africa after WW II. Is there any successful example in Africa? Has any African country risen up with decent life and bright future upon western support? The international mechanism is highly unfair. Material goods, mineral resources were mainly sold to western world for centuries, but the price was decided by New York and London. Western world (the Wall Street banker and broker, for instance) greatly benefits from the extreme-low price of raw material. When China got involved in the economic contest, the western world’s monopolization over Africa resources faced great challenges. Western world would not exploit African as they used to be.

    China did not compel African states to reach deals by force. Generally speaking, Chinese company as the late-comer,were forced by the adverse circumstance to provide more attractive (in another word, less beneficial to China) trade agreement. Typically Chinese company pays more than its counterpart to get African mineral resources. Apparently, western world does not want any new-comer to take their shares. According to vice president of Italy's remarks several years ago, France had benefited huge from its former colonization states in Africa. Without the advantages of France's African participation, France would only rank 15th in GDP. Franc committed to print African Franc by many African country (that institution inherited from colonization age), France transferred their recession to those remote African states.

  5. Chinese investments in Africa are NOT neo-colonization. Chinese didn't invade Africa by forces. Chinese didn't kill Africans, occupy lands and rob minerals from Africa. Chinese didn't enslave Africans. Europeans did all these bad things in the past. Stop badmouthing Chinese.

  6. The already built the houses, roads, railways and whatnot for the Zambians. Why are they still complaining? Those houses are not too bad, much better than living in slums. Why don't they do something solve some of the problems they're complaining?

  7. It is not like chinese company not hiding. It is just in china, people works 15 hours. But the question is when French gone, is Zambia becoming better, and if Chinese go, will Zambia becoming better.

  8. This is a deliberate propaganda from Western media against China influence. Western Nations have exploited Afrika for years and now they have Chinese competition, they begin to castigate China. I will bring more Chinese to Afrika. China has transformed Afrika beyond what western Nations did for over 400years. Locals don't have the resources, so don't blame Chinese for that financial economics backwardness rather blame your government and Western Nations.

  9. At least the Chinese are building factories to employ Africans. France and other European countries are stealing and extracting our resources without employment.

  10. Have the Chinese involvement in Africa been worse than the British, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Belgian involvement??

    It's ironic that the media from those countries that exploited the people and the resources of Africa for a couple of centuries are trying to criticise the Chinese.

  11. West have been in African for centuries and in one decade Africa is rising because of China that's why they don't that they criticize Chine for development in Africa

  12. I prefer that the west step up their investment efforts in Africa rather talk and make noise about China. Fair competition is good for Africa, we need all big countries to come and invest on the continent, that will lead to fair competition and hold some of those who think can exploit the continent accountable

  13. China says it's a developing country. this is how It gets cheap imports into countries and bullies other countries out of the marketing of goods… but is it a developing country.. no it's not its developing space travel. so we need to stop the growth of its economy. many other developing countries need a chance for their economies to grow..china must pay the same as others who are not developing countries..lies and cheats..china wants you debt and then when you cant pay a little of your will owe them money for this work they helped you with. but will you be able to pay them back? then were you going to cry..

  14. China will exploit Africa, suck the marrow out of its bones, those poor people , the locals will be enslaved to this ruthless master. Look at their working conditions…..I do not see a win win situation at all……

  15. I miss Kenneth Kaunda, and his great love for Zambia. I wonder how much do the Zambian people miss him. Do they miss his vision for **One Zambia**? How are the Zambian people faring? I have seen many incidents of brutality toward local workers, and people displaced by mining companies, hiring predominantly foreign workers, etc. Many say they are not happy with the Chinese exporting their copper, but are they themselves looking to develop an industry from their copper? They have opportunity to do the work for themselves, and pay whatever with their renewable resources. Why not do for self? Who supervises these investments? Why are not resources nationalized, so any company cannot profit more than the nation? There are many ways to protect your wealth, If there is solidarity of the people. Governments are made up of individuals in positions of decision making. People put them there, and must monitor their service to them. OR remove them from those positions. Complaints, however justified, do not build.

  16. The Chinese company built such beautiful houses for the relocated people. The houses have white wall and blue roof. There are so many houses. The reporter put the Chinese houses under microscope and very well informed us all the occasional defects.
    Recently, I have been watching a social media influencer's live report from Zambia. That makes me interested in Zambia. The influencer showed us the life of rural people. They are very poor. Many families don't have beds. They put a sheet on the ground and family member huddle together to sleep to keep warm. Zambia's night can be as cold as 0 degree in the night.

    Under this backdrop, the relocated local people in the "Chinese house" are really in paradise.

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