Why It’s So Expensive To Live In The U.S.

Prices for the American dream home have skyrocketed. The U.S. housing market has been an unlikely beneficiary from Covid-19.


38 thoughts on “Why It’s So Expensive To Live In The U.S.”

  1. Pretty decent deep dive. Funny how the smaller independent Youtubers like city beautiful and not just bikes have already made videos on this topic and it always takes the corporate media channels a while to catch up

  2. this is bunk the Federal govt contracted grants for housing builders, subsidized housing, and capped rent (for whites) after WW2. The FIRE economy is the most powerful lobby. The governments job is to provide & regulate essential services and efficiency at cost the people and businesses

  3. Never thought I would be forced into low Income housing! Counting my blessings I found it. I'm a senior on Social Security and there is no way I can afford 1k and above rent! Live in a room and I share a bath. 400 a month is a Godsend! You got to do whatever to survive these days.

  4. "they're (builders) not building affordable housing right now because costs are so high right now."

    Except, they already weren't building affordable housing for years beforehand.

  5. because no one is building. destroy the suburbs, its useless, let the boomers be mad, because homelessness will only increase do to the prices.

  6. What are people – that understand the concept of cash US Dollar specifically – running away from? Inflation! If you hold cash, just know that soon your money is worth alot less and buys alot less.
    It is not just Housing that is very inflated.

  7. So nice to see this kind of thing on major news outlets. I remember as a kid thinking it was strange and messed up that if I wanted to go to the store my mom had to drive me. Where I grew up on rural Kauai, Hawaii, the dream of owning a home died long before the early 2000's. Then I learned that we used to have railroads and asked where they went. I remember thinking it was strange in high school that everyone wanted to own a car for "freedom". It seemed backwards– what happened to the railroads? Why did we replace them for a system that requires you to front an investment for a depreciating asset? Everybody blew me off for being the goofy autistic kid, but nowdays I know I was right to question it.

    Now it's so bad that it's actually more affordable to live downtown on the main island than to even rent anywhere on rural outer islands. The reason is because of the horrible zoning laws. They just won't build any apartments because it's illegal in most places, and nimbyism is rampant. It's just unbelievable to me that people made laws and built homes this way and didn't see any problem with it.

  8. I agree with some of the populations here and others I do not but I will say this. Pre-Internet this was a real void. It's a wonderful tool for an average person without a lot of time to stay so much focused why are be added oxygen be added to waterat least on the things that matter

  9. Vanguard and Blackrock mega-corporations want to own all the houses, control the market, and force people into city cubicles where they are controlled by the smart grids. Agenda 2030. Look it up.

  10. It's been quite a LONG time since a single family home or "starter" home has been in the construction vocabulary. All you see being built today are 4-5 bedroom Luxury homes or Townhouses. Part of the problem is that the builders are looking for a larger chunk of profit off of the build, same as manufacturing and industry increased the profit margin they have had over the last 40 years, while the workers get minimal increases in pay if any.

  11. Snob laws require single family development only. They deliberately keep ‘certain’ people out. Not just minority, but poor whites, and in some cases working class folks. I have seen laws that require environmentally friendly housing. Who can afford that and who can’t???

  12. Tell me why people can pay 90% of their income in rent. Let's say, 1200$ a month. But they get denied for mortgages that would come out to like 700-900$/ month

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