Why good leaders make you feel safe | Simon Sinek

What makes a great leader? Management theorist Simon Sinek suggests, it’s someone who makes their employees feel secure, …


20 thoughts on “Why good leaders make you feel safe | Simon Sinek”

  1. He lost me around 6:50. Basically you should feel safe within the group and trust that the other people won't kill you in your sleep. Protect your company workers by giving them lifelong jobs, etc. Put heart and ethics and standards above profit and cutting costs and laying people off. Ex. give non-paid vacations instead of layoffs.

  2. Wow, it blew me away. Very inspiring. Bottom lines are important in the corporate world. People should not be sacrificed for it. I agree a leader set the tone for all that….

  3. I used to play soccer, and looking back, every single team I was on that would win, was because of the coach, he would bring us together and make us all feel valued the same.

    I played at a pretty competitive level too, one of them even had his son on his team, yet he still treated us all the same. Great guy

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