Why Global Supply Chains May Never Be the Same | A WSJ Documentary

Every day, millions of sailors, truck drivers, longshoremen, warehouse workers and delivery drivers keep mountains of goods …


37 thoughts on “Why Global Supply Chains May Never Be the Same | A WSJ Documentary”

  1. “This documentary has been months in the making and throughout production we kept wondering if disruptions in global supply chains would still be an issue by the time it came out. Unfortunately, with intermittent shutdowns of ports and factories in China due to Omicron, sanctions on Russia, and the invasion of Ukraine, supply chain disruptions are in some ways as big an issue as they were during the peak of the pandemic.

    With every new report of goods costing more or being more difficult to get, backlogs at ports or walkouts at an e-commerce distribution center, it feels like understanding of how all of that works is more important than ever.”

    -WSJ technology columnist Christopher Mims

  2. The American consumer is the problem. They like cheap things. They don't want goods manufactured in high cost countries. They do not care if a political prisoner, death row inmate or child slave built their USB charger. They want it CHEAP and they want it NOW.

    This problem will never, ever go away.

  3. Watching those giant ships of hundreds of industrial containers is… remarcable guys. I feel so impressed and infatuated l would build up new water ways for ships transports.. too much good water is running down to the sea, how could we split Mississippi River in order to create another water way of this size? Underneath the ancient roads of '60s there's plenty of room for new canyon waterways, it might break the tornados lane and bring water to farmers as well, just pull out the maps so we could check the projects together friends. If you recall the Big depression of the '20s, the solution was getting back to work building up a brand new civilization, l really doubt, America needed skyscrapes back in the '30s, but it was for creating jobs. Using socialist tricks of public funds to finance welfare in order to save capitalism.. it might work again. Using the Panama channel, try to put figures together if it's not more convenient to have another canyon all across the Mexican border, all not granted refugees might work for you guys, make America great again, only willing to save the planet, think about it guys. If you watch a TV documentary about the Las Vegas dam, if you split huge projects in tiny segments, every team working on ten miles of digging ditches, yeah, the big Texan desert might look like Napa Valley some day…l think we could cut the big prairie coast to coast.. not from East to West but from South to North as well.. if you love big ships as much as l do…think about it.

  4. "Why global supply chains may never be the same" Leftists ruin everything. Everything! Nuff said.
    Supply chains are not choking on demand. Paying people to not work is the problem. Telling people to live their own truth is the problem. Worrying about people's feelings instead of what is important is the problem. Crazy environmentalists are the problem. Their fix? Make everything too expensive to get.

  5. What causes all these supply issues? The documentary does not address that information. The pandemic and the inhability of our leaders to be deplomats is what causes all these supply issues. Do not forget the embargos the Biden administraccion set in February; also known as sactions. Biden never answered the phone when Russia needed explanations, and that pushed Russia to start a miilitary operation in Ukraine. What is the difference between the military operation Bush started in Iraq and the one that Russia started in February? The military operation Bush started was made out of lies and gosthly "weapons of mass destruccion" while Russia is de-nazificating Ukraine.

  6. Reality has proved again and again, if locked down harder in the beginning, out breaks would be contained to the smallest sale possible with occasional slip up but again , could be controlled rather quickly.

  7. Can we just agree that deregulation has hurt everyone except for the CEO’s. The average American worker just barely scrapes by while their boss has enough money to fly a rocket ship into “space”. It’s a disgusting display of greed. We need to strengthen our unions and empower our workforce to fight for better working conditions. The salaries they posted for truck drivers are a bit deceptive. What that doesn’t take into account is the cost of gas and rig repairs. Many drivers lease their trucks which means that payment comes out of their paycheck.

  8. I worked the Oakland Ports for 10 years and know for a FACT these Long Shore Maggets and Union is like Trump only care about 100 Percent their profits and not the 99.9.999 percent uf us consumers.. Trust me when i say these Long Shore Scums of the earth Areworthless.. All you have to do is Put The non union REAL Hiumang beings and or goverment like was done at Airports and you will see why my post is REAL… Do your Homework…

  9. So you are telling me that paying better wedges to workers and drivers, with better conditions will some how mitigate the impact, yet the few billionaires in charge are actively choosing not to… great.

  10. time to stop importing everything the baby boomers are retiring and we do not have enough workers now to fill jobs and within 5 more years the amount of people that retire will be a desaster to america stop shopping online for imports the answer is so easy but capitolism is doomed to fail because of greed and slave wages and lack of universal health care 20 years from now most of the baby boomers will be gone and out of the government we need to start fixing all the problems they have caused for every generation that follows them selfish greed = do not make the world a better place for the future time to wake up and fix things now or we wont make it another 20 years

  11. another reason the US moved jobs overseas was epa regulations in other countries they can polute without cost look at the polution in china .. capitol greed figure the cost of shipping overseas and overland and lack of workers just think if china stoped all shgips at their ports america would stop just thnk about that we put ourself at a security risk for capitol greed this needs to stop today we do not need a phicical war to lose everything how stupid i never shop online people need to stop and think about what they are doing brick and morter stors should have priority for stock not e comerce think about all the things that sit in a building just incase someone orders it so dumb if you want something shop local you should not be able to get everything you want at any time you should have to chose what is available in the store ok shop online and pick it up or have it delivered from that store everyone is suffering because some people believe they are better then others and deserve to have everything they want right now stop the stupid if we do not make it in the US you do not need it .

  12. Trump introduced standardized bribes and kick backs to the Global supply chains. The USA must have a universal reversal that everything Trump did as President. Convict Trump of everything he did all the way down to jay walking and nullify his presidency.

  13. Well…
    While I have to admit, that the supply line shortages are real and a problem for any industry, I have to admit, sometimes I have to laugh.
    I’m laughing of how people get cranky and complain about having to wait for something…
    Guess what…
    That what is was like in the past for EVERYBODY…
    You did have to wait for things you ordered and sometimes it took a long time … made people appreciate their stuff more.
    People didn’t throw away as much, because getting a replacement took time, so you gave it some thought.
    And pausing and thinking is not such a bad idea, is it ..?
    Having said that, of course in some areas this is plainly dangerous, if medicine does not arrive, for example.
    So in essence, maybe keeping some thing in stock was not such a bad idea, after all..?!

  14. There is a ton of double if not triple tracking. cause I would go pick up in Memphis TN and take meds to a warehouse in tupelo MS then turn around and deliver those same meds back to Memphis that night. This is the down fall to HUBS deliver from the hub to customers needs to be implemented into the sys to help speed this process up.

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