Why are Americans choosing to quit their jobs in record numbers?

The United States is seeing its highest “quit rate” since the government started keeping track two decades ago. Bill Whitaker …


45 thoughts on “Why are Americans choosing to quit their jobs in record numbers?”

  1. 1. People don’t work under Bosses anymore. Back in they say young adults were treated like kids but not they demand respect. A boss can’t talk to these college grads like poop for $15 an hour and think they will allow it. They find other jobs that have more independence such as online or self employed like Uber.

    2. A college grad should be make more that $15 an hour. Wal Mart pays $15, so why get a degree

  2. It is time. We must all walk together, away from our duties in this system, eat food from the tree's and swim naked in the sea's, until there is no system left.

  3. Hypocrite policy's is what the pandemic contributed to this. People are expected to live at work for no future. Meanwhile the government takes income from the people that work and give it to whoever they choose. Work 50 years of your life and you still are uncomfortable trying to retire?

  4. I quit my last job because the owner OD'ed on fentanyl laced heroin at work in the bathroom. Days before he went ballistic at me for arriving late by 5 minutes because a wreck slowed down the interstate I used to get to work. I called the paramedics. They revived him. Left my keys on the desk with a note to forward my final paycheck to my address and locked the door to the business behind me.

  5. Considering the costs of housing and feeding yourself to claim that unemployment and stimulus pays keeps people from going back to work is ludicrous. Eventually unemployment checks stop. Stimulus checks are but two or three times. You still have to keep on living somewhere and feeding yourself afterwards. Most likely people fell back on family for support and to wait for better paying jobs. Jobs that will let you have a large saving as insurance for future disasters.

  6. Well when you work hard at work they think they own you & they can squeeze more work out of you. So people don't work hard at work bc of that very fact & then employers want to pay you as little as they can bc they can too. So.. Plus employers & coworkers & customers yell & bully employees at every customer service job. So people are just sick of it. plus the cost of living has risen significantly. So..

  7. Hahahaha what a joke they keep coming up with every excuse but know the real problem but won't admit it, nobody is gonna work 5 days a week or 8 hours a day even for $20hr but gas is $4 a gallon, pack of chicken wings is $20, rent alone is 1500 monthly, people have other ways of making more money n being their own boss don't have to put up with anyone or work long hours, people can finance a car n rent it on turo n make more money n have that vehicle said off n they rent paid, while sitting home with their family instead of dealing with bullsh!t

  8. I live in northern Michigan… 80% of the jobs on indeed don't even pay over 12$ an hour… and the ones that do have over 300 people applying.. on top of that a good amount of jobs now require 10 hour shifts plus Saturdays… I don't know about anyone else but but I like to do others thing with my life other than work 10 or 12 hours a day plus Saturdays… its called having a life and a family…and magically all the $50,000 to $70,000 homes are now at least $120,000 for only 3 bedrooms and not even an acre of land… its a joke

  9. I understand that some large corporations take advantage of employees, but small businesses for the most part can’t afford to pay sky high wages and some jobs are just part timers for a reason.

  10. In my profession I see the bank statements of these average Americans, and while they may be saying "take this job and shove it", The data is showing that the government is paying these people more than ever, I've seen up to 30k in tax refund with no real steady employment??? Htf are they filing? This video said women quit more, that's interesting because they also file for divorce, brake up and get child support more – These actions are on the bank statements or in the conversation. Forcing Grown Men to work more than one job just to give all their money away to the government. Even with a boost of 12k or 30k in tax money sent to women and young ppl, by the 2nd quarter they spend all of it in one/two months and will literally have a negative balance. Many of these same people know they are screwing up and really want to know the right thing to do with money, but social media and marketing ads make it virtually impossible to stay focused. Inflation is having fun right now, while Americans are broke. Now to be fair, low level managers with firing power went crazy before the pandemic firing employees for the silliest reasons. I don't know, I'm not in human resources but I think they fire because they wouldn't have much to do if they didn't fire and rehire. I don't know, maybe human resources could improve their functions by improving the employees they have, creating retention by making it less stressful to come to work. There are a few large companies out there who have figured it out. Today's employee (and consumer) needs flexibility. That's what the pandemic revealed. That companies could be flexible and still keep up with production.

  11. The item that’s missing from this scenario is that the education needed to land a lot of the jobs that are open is not readily accessible. If we are unable to get the education, the jobs will remain unfilled. This country is doomed if we cannot remain educated. We cannot become educated if we can’t afford the education.

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  13. Did anybody sit back and think that when everything shut down people had to get creative and learned how to open up their own businesses online … I make way more money from my online business then I did working for other companies with all my degrees. Way more people have their own businesses now and working for themselves. The hamster wheel rat race has ended.

  14. We just haven't kept pace with inflation in any way shape or form, and if you can't afford anything and are going to end up homeless and in poverty, why bother working to support a corporation?

  15. this is the "woke" movement that needs to be talked about more. when you cant afford housing or really anything, whats the point of working? when child care costs more than your income, why would you take that job?

  16. I've quit 5 jobs in the last year, mainly warehouse jobs and fast paced environments with long hours and strenuous labor. I've got no discipline. The fact that I'm autistic is probably no excuse.

    I just don't know how anyone can be happy working. Money doesn't motivate me.

  17. OMG!!! It is 2022 and 60 Minutes shows economic impact checks with Donald Trump on them? Give me an fn break! He tried to open the economy back up in spring of 2020. It was the Democrats that kept things shut down and would reject passing stimulus unless laden with pork barreling. It certainly wasn't DJT that caused dependence on government.lol

  18. "Autonomy and flexibility" are just another way of saying that today's worker want the ability to roll over and hit snooze when their alarms go off, assuming they even set one. Driving Uber, doing data entry piece work on your home computer, conducting customer service surveys over the phone, and a myriad of similar jobs today all allow this. You work when you feel like working. One problem with this is that none of these jobs pay a livable wage, so now we have large portions of the workforce complaining that they can't afford to buy a home or a car. Sorry, gang…if you want to work like you're still in high school, that's your choice, but don't the world won't be adjusting for you.

    I constantly see people complaining that their employer isn't offering them a 'livable wage". These people rarely provide any information about what they're doing that would be making them so valuable to their employer. Pro tip: You don't get paid for what you DO. You get paid for what you KNOW. If a high school student can do your job after a week's training, you're bringing no value to your employer and your pay will always reflect that. And if you've got advanced training and you're still not making decent money, you chose a field that's not in demand in your particular location. That's on you as well. Either retrain or move to a location where your training is actually in demand. It's not rocket science.

  19. Despite all the nice people walking around, there is a segment of our society who see service indistry workers as fair game to throw demeaning tantrums at. Not only is minimum wage not worth that kind of treatment, but over time treatment like that grinds you down in a way that you don’t get back. It’s just not worth it to be verbally abused for an amount of money that still doesn’t even pay your bills. I’m unemployed and worried but I can’t go back to working with the public so I guess I’ll have to figure ot out before I’m homeless or starving.

  20. Supply and demand, corporate America. These are your rules. Your demand for employees is greater than the supply. So, you have to pay more. Pay more, and the supply will increase.

  21. ⭐This is a good one lol….. The moment the title says " Why are Americans choosing to quit their jobs in record number." Well….. Setting on that chair doing interviews for 60 minutes must pay out more than I make in 10 years.

  22. This actually goes back (started) to the Obama era when Obama destroyed all the jobs with the objective of saving the environment. Thus many, many good paying jobs (and workers) were destroyed and never replaced. I was one of many who suffered the repercussions of his "fundamental changing of America." We never did fully recover from the damage inflicted on the work force then as Americas work ethic was severely severed. You top that off with everything relative to the covid plan-demic and this is the consequence.

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