What School Lunch Looks Like Around The World

Lunch time at school can be one of the best parts of a kid’s day. From aloo gosht in Pakistan to sausage rolls in Australia and …


31 thoughts on “What School Lunch Looks Like Around The World”

  1. Ngl in Singapore we have canteens, so we choose our lunch! Cost abt 1.50 for a plate of chicken rice, fried noodles, etc in my old school tho. It’s fun but I was kinda sad when that wasn’t the case for most countries

  2. Most fake shit ive ever seen, American school lunches are all frozen cardboard pizza, frozen chicken nuggets that are soggy on the outside and rock solid in the middle, and frozen breadsticks filled with cheese.

  3. The Netherlands is like Australia then: sausage rolls, pizza and fries for lunch bought at the school canteen, supermarket or chip shop ('snackbar'). Which didn't used to be a thing; older generations brought their own lunch to school in a lunchbox.

  4. Lol as a Pakistani, I can tell you how we do lunch:
    We have twenty minutes from 11:1011:30 to eat our snacks. We eat lunch at home, because school is dismissed at 1:45 (it starts at 8). For the snacks, we usually bring a small snack, like a sandwich, or just a packet of chips and a cupcake or other things that aren't supposed to be nutritional, rather to snack on something so you can return back to studying

  5. As someone in hawaii, I can confirm that we do not get that luxury of a meal, instead we get a small slider that may have been left out for a week

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