What Is The Metaverse Business Opportunity?

The concept of the metaverse has gained huge momentum with the backing of companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Nvidia, …


17 thoughts on “What Is The Metaverse Business Opportunity?”

  1. Thanks Bernard Marr, I love how you put across your points and even more I love your Content. I'm Tech entrepreneur n I am doing a lot of research on future tech to invest in, you Make my research much easier n clearer paths to follow or leads to check into. Where can I get your Books, in Nairobi, Kenya.

  2. I like the idea of box offices taking up spaces in these meta verses as another stream of income for them.. Like they really need it but I think it would be really cool and easy to offer an elaborate, bigger than life, cinema complex showing new movies. The stadium idea you mentioned is also a great idea!!
    Marvel and DC has a unique opportunity as well if they offered each of their super hero’s, super powers and skins to purchase for their fans avatar.

  3. When people say, "metaverse" what pops up are VR goggles. For me, the metaverse to take off needs to be more of a digital layer on top of the physical world that seamlessly allows people to interact with it and the world at the same time. The twins work together. It is like what we do now, but 3D. The pure digital side is merely one facet of this.

  4. Today I wrote an article "Metaverse Auroville" in which I referred to this video podcast and also quoted the comments of Futurati Podcast & Behrang Ijadi. Auroville is widely known as world's largest and longest surviving utopian community. It seems Metaverse, in course of time, can contribute critically in bridging the gap between dreams and visions of a new world Auroville stands for and the present realities. I am reminded of a talk by Mirra Alfassa (inspiration behind Auroville and widely known as the Mother and as Sri Aurobindo's colleague & co-worker) wherein she said to the effect that it would be very interesting to see how things will change in the world thanks to the new supramental forces that have been unleashed in the creation.

  5. It's going to be really exciting to see what is done with the Metaverse. It's such a big idea with such deep roots in philosophy and science fiction, and the transformative potential it has is just staggering.

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