What First, Business, And Economy Classes Are Like On Emirates

From Dubai Airshow 2019, presented by Airbus Business Insider’s Rachel Hosie takes us on a tour through each class on …


20 thoughts on “What First, Business, And Economy Classes Are Like On Emirates”

  1. I flew so often with emirates I cant count anymore, so some tips for you:
    1. try to choose seats in the back, so after the round they give you all snacks for free!
    2. the cabin crew takes poleroid pictures of you if you want. They sometimes just do it for famelies,but if you ask nicely, they will take them for you as well.
    3. At the dubai airport. There are so many lounges for every class. You can also sit on loungers at business class

  2. Emirates A380 business class is okay not top notch (Qatar A380 is the best among A380), Emirates 777 Business class pathetic crowded worn-out seat planes worth skipping. Qatar Qsuite or British Airways Club World gives us private suite in 777,

  3. When I’ve flown Emirates business class, the seats are normally nicer than this. They’re kind of like a pod, that you can fully recline into so that you can sleep with a little privacy.

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