Watch Biden's First Full Press Conference | NBC News

Watch as President Biden holds his first press conference since taking office. » Subscribe to NBC News: …


25 thoughts on “Watch Biden's First Full Press Conference | NBC News”

  1. Dems new agenda, since we can't focus on fixing anything and facing a sure defeat in the future, we will make it so bad that the next president will inheirt a impossible task. Then there will be new angle to attack and blame. DIVISION. ANOTHER LIE

  2. Here,s the deal. I want to get things done. Well get going then. Hold the near and dear and eeeeh. I get a lot done. One year later…..inflation runs rampant. Impeach him. Save America.

  3. Questions created by his staff the given to select reporters to ask then Joe reads his note card on who to call then reads his answer that was given to him by his staff. I don’t see anything wrong here, perfectly normal because MSM tells me so.

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