Utilities: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the incredible amount of power we give electric utility companies, how weakly regulated they are, and why …


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  1. FOR RELEASE 2022-05-13

    By aggregating data from many sources, we've developed a US misery index which excludes food, energy and inflation, as shown below:

    Bankruptcies: up 33% M/M, Commercial up 34%
    First-time unemployment claims: up 200k M/M
    Foreclosures: up 50k M/M
    Evictions: up sharply even as rents spike
    Repossessions: uptick expected in Q2 2022
    Domestic violence: (NA)
    Social unrest: low in 2022
    Job openings: apparently high, phantom openings abound
    Late bill payments: 42 million Americans expect to miss a payment (including electricity) in the next 6 months
    Store closures: up
    Homelessness: expected to rise this summer
    Crime: remains high post-pandemic

    Initial conclusion:

    Although one month's data does not suggest a trend, an initial review points to a US recession in Q3 2022 or earlier. When inflation, food and energy prices are included in the index, the data points to a deep US recession imminently.

    This will also impact world events and commerce.

    This summary is authorized for publication by Analytical Associates of Bethesda, Maryland, LLC.

  2. As an Alabama resident, you have no idea how happy I am to finally get to hear John ream Twinkle and the Alabama PSC. They literally run ads about fighting the Washington liberals when their job is ONLY to regulate the power companies.

  3. Utilities companies are something called a "Natural Monopoly". It's the reason why we dont have power 4 grids in a city, or 3 cable companies. The waste is too high to have multiple power grids covering the same area. Imagine 4 times the power lines, underground pipes running through the same neighborhood. Jon and his writers are ignorant about that. The government run grids in countries like China aren't problem free either, and rolling blackouts exists way more frequently with nationalized utilities countries.

  4. Splitting pills to pay for electricity. Um. Let’s get single payer medical insurance. Maybe Kilowatt can Do In the “tapeworm of our economy” = the name Warren Buffett gave to the medical insurance industry

  5. I love your show because , you and your researchers deliver the truth, to the rest of the world, how corrupt the United states actually is. I remember if the police find excessive cash in your vehicle, even thoiught you are going to buy a car, for example, the police can take it away and then use that money to buys their police station coffee machines and all kinds of things. If this is not corruption, I don't know what is. How is this and all the other things, you have exposed, still going on. Only the communists have no competition, in their companies. Competition is a healthy thing in a democracy. I don't know what the u.s. has. How can a corporation regulate itself? In Canada and England for example, the crown makes sure that you cannot cheat. but in the u.s. it is like the wild west, compared to the rest of the world. It is disgusting!!!

  6. Panels on your house eliminate the biggest expense of every other kind of energy: transportation. You'll notice half of your bill is access fees and transport cost. That's in large part because a lot of energy is lost transmitting electricity from the power plant to your house.

  7. Duke Energy in Florida. Has built residents for the building of a new power plant. This was a few years ago.. The plant has never been built.. Duke Energy is it is keeping our money.

  8. The fact that one of these comes out every week, always tackling such a huge problem, and yet still have hundreds more topics that they don't have time to address…

    …and yet people will continue to defend capitalism.

  9. PUBLIC ULITIES NEED TO BE PUBLIC*A FL Electric Company came to takeover Hawaii's electric, but We Have A Honest GOV that rejected them cus they did not believe in SOLAR(Land of Sun & Not believin in Sun is a SIN) or Energy alternatives* FL I feel sorry for you guys** A state gone bad**

  10. My city's power company is owned by the city government because around the turn of the century my city had my state's first (and so far only) socialist mayor.

  11. John Oliver: "Take South Carolina…"
    My brain: Yes, someone, please take South Carolina… to the movies, a water park, to Picher Oklahoma, I don't care; just take them somewhere.

  12. I love our electric company who has no competition airing commercials on local TV. Not all of us text and some of us don't even carry a cell phone believe it or not. I don't think I ever heard Newsomes voice before. I was waiting for the joke explaining Clint Eastwoods overdubbed voice.

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