Trying A Full Face of Makeup from SHEIN!

HI SISTERS! I decided to try out a ton of Makeup from SHEIN! They’re known for fast fashion and knock off clothing, but I didn’t …


41 thoughts on “Trying A Full Face of Makeup from SHEIN!”

  1. It looked good at 480p, but when I changed it to 1080p at the end I could see why you didn't like it.
    Is not terrible by any means tho! You did an amazing work with what you had, I tried cheap makeup from shady websites myself and let me tell you I wasn't even able to make it show no matter how much I packed the brush (wich tbf, was also from the same website so)

  2. Actually I have used the SHEIN makeup and it was really good. Some people think that SHEIN make up it’s not good because it is cheap and not that pricey like The luxury make up brand, You really don’t need to Pay a lot of money to have a good and perfect make up.

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