Trucker protests: Trudeau vows not to "give in" to demonstrators who fly "racist flags" | FULL

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned on Monday the acts of violence and vandalism that took place during …


26 thoughts on “Trucker protests: Trudeau vows not to "give in" to demonstrators who fly "racist flags" | FULL”

  1. As a tax payer in Canada who is impacted due to the traffic jam they are causing in downtown Ottawa I am being directly impacted. These protesters are using hooligan tactics that directly impact the rights of other Canadians who need to use the roads to get to work on time causing unnecessary traffic. I pay my taxes just as they do so they have no right to impinge on my right to the roads and streets to get to work. They are also causing a public nuisance making a lot of noise for days on end. Yes I agree these people should be arrested and charged and pay a hefty fine.

  2. A Nanos Research survey found that 47 per cent of Canadians said their impressions of Mr Trudeau had worsened over his government’s response to the demonstrations, while only 20 per cent said theirs had improved.

  3. "Should we tolerate these people?" Justin Trudeau pushes Canadians to show intolerance toward minorities whose beliefs differ from ours. Okay. I have lost a few too many loved ones to laced drugs that are drummed up by imported gangsters who laudner the proceeds of my grief into our housing at way over asking as only a filthy gangster, not a law abiding Canadian, can do through hidden bidding JT gives them. "Should we tolerate these people?". hell no. I've lost enough.

  4. does anybody still believe this poor excuse for a Prime Minister I watched hundreds of live streamers who show the truth and I saw one flag with a swastika on it and one Rebel flag which does not mean anything and every speech he does he brings up about Nazi flags that he most likely planted it he needs to go

  5. Trudeau trying to paint all protestors with the actions of a few. The racist who has specifically painted his face black so many times he can't remember…generalizing peaceful tax contributing protestors as racist. The misogynist who specifically groped and elbowed women in the chest to get them out of his way, generalizing honest peaceful Canadians as misogynists. When are all Canadians going to wake up?..there is nothing but hypocritical dissension creating, finger pointing manure that spews from this mans mouth. He has done unfathomable damage to this country, and our children and grandchildren will pay for his unconscionable corrupt stupidly for decades.

  6. Everytime you talk I hear fingernails on a chalkboard. Maybe there would be less racist flags out there if trudeau stopped his hired help from putting them up. TRUDEAU. I want to be very clear. You are the worst prime minister this country has ever had. RESIGN!

  7. Yes, just like the pharoah of Eygpt the heart gets hardened to its downfall, arrogance and pride go before the fall. God will not be Mocked.
    You are supposed to be serving GOD and the People, not the People serving you, you hypocrite.

  8. A couple people had a flag so now they represent all the protesters. That’s just stupid. I guess that means all liberal MP’s are racist because Justin wore black face. This Trudeau fellow has some serious mental problems. He is a liar, hypocrite and a gas lighter.
    Even if one is a liberal supporter how can you seriously vote for this guy? He is so full of himself.

  9. It does not matter
    whether the war is actually happening, and, since no decisive victory is possible, it does not matter whether the war is going well or badly. All that is needed is that a state of war should exist.
    -George Orwell

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