TOO MANY EMAILS? Use THESE Proven Techniques | Outlook tips included

Manage your inbox so you can be more productive and less stressed! I’ll share email management techniques that help you get …


46 thoughts on “TOO MANY EMAILS? Use THESE Proven Techniques | Outlook tips included”

  1. I have a question, is there any option I can use to arrange my emails under the same subject? Let's say for example I sent an email with the subject line …. Every time I get a reply it will show as a new message but all the replies are still under the same subject title. Can you help with that. Thank you

  2. I receive over 200. 300 emails a day and the flagged and unread folder in outlook is my go to strategy in outlook. I keep it as the main view folder that way it only shows unread and flagged items.
    As emails come in I check outlook 10inutes every hour, my rules are already organizing the emails to correct folders, if actionable I flagged it and if not it just disappears from my unread folder. I go further and have color flags I designate to actionable emails like operational, waiting on response and about five others so that way I can look at my email and tell you everything that needs to be done and what action is needed without having to reopen any emails to read again.. rinse and repeat as you get emails

  3. ليلى هل بالامكان عرض الفيديو مع ترجمه باللغه العربيه ذلك لغرض استفادة اكبر قدر ممكن من المتلقين ،، is it possible to translate the video to Arabic Language, this make much benefit for the ppl to get it as much as they can , thanks a lot

  4. Hi nice information.
    But how to biffurcate folder system, when you are involved in multiple projects / sub projects.
    With too many subjects, it is not possible to create so many folders, so looking for some guidance on this.

  5. Can we just us voice recognition tool to have computer write for us which includes punction; that will fix the problem we all have with sending emails: all day. It feels like waste of time. Instead of just getting things quick, we spend all day writing uggg

  6. Hi, I have been trying to color code the CCéd Email Messages but somehow its not applying. However when I try to change the font of unread messages, its applied. Something I am doing it wrong ??

  7. Thanks for this video. It's really helpful.

    I work on a number of projects at a time (5-10 projects). Each of those projects has several tasks and sub-tasks. I have one Outlook Data File, where I have all the projects as folders and sub-folders under those for tasks and sub-tasks.

    I spend a lot of time every day to manually move emails to specific folders everyday. Is there an easier way to do this? Can you make a video about that?

  8. I like using the conversation view for my inbox. Having the entire email chain in one drop down box is so much better than hunting through outlook looking for a specific email in a chain, usually just to find an attachment.

  9. I've been following Leila for a year and I can't stress enough how grateful I am of her contents. Helps me a lot as a professional. Thanks Leila 🙂

  10. Please consider fixing your audio. I clicked away quite quickly, because I can only hear your saliva having a rave in your mouth. Not trying to be mean, but just a serious consideration.

  11. I love using rules to automatically move emails to a different folder. However, the 1 issue I have is, I seem to use very simple keywords, causing email mix up. For example, I am working on a project called NU, when I apply rule to move all emails with NU in subject, I get unrelated emails directed too. Any tips for that?

  12. I used my gaming experience to make life easier…I got my company to buy me a gaming mouse with additional buttons for the thumb and that is supported by gaming mouse/keyboard software.
    I then used the software to program macros of the most used functions I use to the additional mouse buttons.

    The great thing is that the gaming mouse software allows you to setup a list of programs, so it detects if I'm using e.g. Word, Excel, Outlook, web browser or whatever and then automatically switches the macros I want to use to what is needed in the program I'm working in at the time.
    And it does this even when you jump between different programs.

    In Outlook:
    I have to handle a huge number of emails for both multiple tenders and projects.
    If we get awarded a project then the tender get turned in to a project, so I had to come up with a VERY structured way of organize how I store emails so that information can be found a year or more in the future.
    What I came up with was to create a "Folder tree template" structure that I copy and rename for each new tender.
    The structure always looks the same so that I never have to think of where things are placed.
    I did this by placing the folders that I use the most first in the tree structure and the least used last by naming them with numbers:
    <Tender Name>
    – 01_Email
    – 02_Reports
    – 03_Travel

    And then all tenders that we lost and projects that have been completed is sent to the Archive in the same folder tree structure in a folder named with the current year.

  13. I use to get all kinds of emails for jobs, money, etc. I started replying with, "Thanks for letting me know scammer." After 6 replies, the email scams stopped.

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