(THEY'RE SENDING MORE!) Fourth Stimulus Package Update, & Stock Market Update IRS TAX REFUND 2022

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37 thoughts on “(THEY'RE SENDING MORE!) Fourth Stimulus Package Update, & Stock Market Update IRS TAX REFUND 2022”

  1. Americans should come first,who's government is this, who's voting them on or out of office. I'm about to vote the Democrats out if we don't get stimulus checks now, not promises.by memorial day, they passed billions for war in Ukraine in a minute.

  2. 20 months for a small "Give A Dog A Bone." Check while UKRAINE get 40 Billion in A Heart Beat. Follow The Money ad see how much goes for A Military Budget and what is left over for the People. RUSSIA Should Be Paying For This!

  3. Well if you ask me I think they need to cut all of Congress their money up because they taking one too many vacations sending the money to other countries when our own country needs it so start taking away from their their pockets and give it to us poor people I can't even make my payments from my medicine or to pay my hospital bills so I'm stuck at home in the hospital bed this world has been really run down and it's getting worse it's not getting no better Biden says I'll make America better better better how you doing everything for everybody else but not your own people and that's what's messed up Lord heaven forbids God's going to get you

  4. No millionaire career politician could remotely "understand" where I am or how I feel right now! $1400 will scrape the surface of what I NEED right now, with inflation killing any raise I was given at the beginning of this year. My grocery expense has DOUBLED….other bills have increased, I have no choice but to ride it out! Also, our Gov't sending $40 Billion to any foreign country , at this time was a kick in the teeth of EVERY AMERICAN!

  5. I live in Dallas TX, are we to receive an additional stimulus payment, you always talk about other states, getting peoples hopes up, but no mention of stimulus for everyone like before, you always start out by mentioning stimulus, but it seems you are only saying that to have the general population watch your video. Shame on you, will go back to watching Steven Gardner, now he keeps it real without a lot of rehortoric.

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