(THERE’S NO WAY THIS IS REAL!) Fourth Stimulus Package Update, Credit Cards, Diesel & Stock Market

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24 thoughts on “(THERE’S NO WAY THIS IS REAL!) Fourth Stimulus Package Update, Credit Cards, Diesel & Stock Market”

  1. I will tell you what is hilarious to me. Everything that has gone wrong in this country Republicans all say it's because of Joe Biden and his policies and his administration and his handling of everything. But the minute there is good news just as you reported it was not an Joe Bidens accomplishment it was because it was all expected to happen. The poor guy cannot stand a chance. He's damned if he does and he's damned if he doesn't so just keep up all your bullshit and let's see where it all lands. Such a joke

  2. I was an escrow officer for 25 years. I live in AZ. The housing market has already started to fall. I think it's gonna be sooner rather than later. I have worked in escrow when you couldn't get a mortgage because the interest rates were too high and we had to do creative financing by wrapping a deed. It'll go to seller financing. I've seen this happen over and over again and what goes up hast to come down and it's going to come down hard

  3. Mr Yates please please help the low income seniors the cost of living is a disgusting disgusting disgrace help us mr yates. Please please help us we need a new stimulus

  4. I really hope you pray the Republicans take back the majority maybe all the idiots that voted them in so they could get more stimulus has suffered enough for where they'll vote Republican too today's Democrats absolutely make me sick and they should be ashamed of their self and know that they're an embarrassment to Democrats

  5. And honestly the only reason we'll get a stimulus check anytime soon would be so they could possibly win the elections again they absolutely make me sick the only real Democrat in their party would be mansion in cinema but more Mansion than Cinema mention is the only real Democrat left

  6. Hey Ron I'm a loyal subscriber I absolutely love your broadcast. Keep up the good work you do great work on like our president and his cabinet who cares only about numbers and looking good while American storm he's brought the deficit down wow American sufferers good for him good for him he makes me sick

  7. I agree that this was planned and you are so right Ron. When Trump was the President the gas prices in Massachusetts was only $1.85 a gallon and the rich are getting richer and the Oil companies are crooks and I garenteed because most of the people who are working at the Whitehouse have stocks and they are getting richer and we need Help now not next year.

  8. 5he richest 1% of our country has not paid taxes in five years because of trumps tax cuts. President Biden is in a fight to make them pay their taxes. They won't. I'm talking about trillionaires. We pay their way. Trust President Biden. He knows what he's doing. If America would stand behind him. We would be great. Done be confused the richest people in America pay nothing. Don't be greedy and look down on the poor guy. Is this what you want to be doing when Jesus comes back

  9. The only ones that really needs help out here is .middle class n low income weare the ones tjat is hurting n struggling here send help to the american people now asap

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