The War in Ukraine Could Change Everything | Yuval Noah Harari | TED

Concerned about the war Ukraine? You’re not alone. Historian Yuval Noah Harari provides important context on the Russian …


38 thoughts on “The War in Ukraine Could Change Everything | Yuval Noah Harari | TED”

  1. This video has been edited. The original included answers about the historian visit to the Maidan Museum, claiming that Kyiv was pro western and even a member of the polish-lithuanian confederation… Like many other Rus settlements were invaded and leveled for those civilization exporters of 16th century. Also about the 'racial differences between Ukrainians and Russians, been the seconds more 'asian'. Additionally it has been added the part in which claim that Putin actions have created nationalisms in other former regions of the Russian empire. Nationalisms was a problem for Lenin a century ago, but in modern Russia sociocultural framework, judging people by race, is fascism. Sadly, that I share been Jew.

  2. Is a good thing to spend money in arms. Cool… Iraq war opposition mobilize dozens of millions of demonstrators, not tweets. Russia was largest World exporter of rocket engines, also titanium aerospace high technology and industry.

  3. The 90's…. Russia bankruptcy, Argentina road to collapse… The 2 Central África wars +5million deads plus dozens of millions of victims. From his house appears he had a nice view.

  4. A central nation for freedom that keeps the opposition party in jail. Including the second in the presidential election. Fantasy wars… Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Vietnam…

  5. For someone who thinks his class will soon be immortal, he sure has aged in the last 5 years. This guy is worse than a conspiracy theorist on acid, at least conspiracy theorists know they are being ridiculous on some level. The frightening thing is that supposedly smart policy makers are as hurbristic and delusional as this cretin.

  6. This guys is spewing one western propaganda message after another. He must know that what he's saying makes little sense. 2 months after this interview we can now see none, NONE, of what he says was accurate. Another tool of western propaganda masquerading as an intellectual.

  7. Cualquier persona puede decir las mismas tonteras que Yuval. Putin no necesita conquistar Ucrania. Solo necesita que Ucrania no entre a OTAN. Y eso ya lo ha logrado. La idiotez de Europa (la cuál no sorprende a nadie) y la maldad de la élite mundial es la que mantiene el conflicto vivo. Solo están creando más inflación, más pobreza a nivel mundial y más hambre.

  8. This man was brought in to speak historical facts and he starts with words like "putin's fantasy". His intention is clear from the very beginning- ukraine and west the heroes, russia the villain. Hearing such interviews is a waste of time.

  9. El pelele niega, jamás lo tiene en consideración, el avance de la otan sobre rusia. Y claro, es sencillo personalizar la política, porque claro, Putin es malo y los presidentes de usa son el producto de alguna elección malparida, pero en general el sistema es bueno… fantochada!

  10. Two months ago it seemed for Professor Harari that the russian society is not for the war. Well, the time has passed and we see with our own eyes the opinions and the actions of many russian «people«, whether they are in russia or in berlin or wherever.

  11. I think this is also dangerous narrative – if we say that it is JUST Putin’s fault and Putin’s war – it creates the understanding between common Russians that it is not their fault, they are not at fault and there is nothing they can do to change it. Who else can stop Putin if not common Russian people? They are the ones who are ‘just answering the orders’ – like Nazis did. Putin is conducting war with their hands – he is far away in his bunker

  12. So MR yuval … are you smarter than the framers of the US of Consitution? When the rest of the world adapts the principles and rights of the US Constitution then I will become a "Globalist" NOT until then . Until then I am for the sovereign rights of nations to rule themselves. The control freak globalists and their utopian ideas will eliminate the middle class and create a hunger games scenario. The elite leaders of the "global house" will reign over the rest and there will be a one part system. No opposing voices. No unity is operated sometimes you need differing opinions to balance out the extremists on both sides. That's what Russia needs a 2 party system and to restore the rights of the INDIVIDUAL NOT the collective.

  13. It's just show that these are still so many uneducated People are around. Don't forget, you can be a professor and still be uneducated and stupid! Education doesn't come from books, it comes from life experiences!! That's the saddest thing! Policians talk, People believe! Sad!!

  14. Many technologies that were developed for defense,now have applications in healthcare//money should go to all sciences equally bc you never know which one can emerge to be a "market" favourite

  15. NO mention of the NAZIs & Jewish population of Ukrainian who both escaped to Ukraine at different times in WW11 . The conflict of WW11 is still occurring because people follow religions !!! Jesuit NAZIs Separatist Jews & orthodox christians.
    With GOD we kill seems to be the religious theme !!!

  16. caralho, os comentários são a galera dando pitaco numa parada altamente complexa e ninguém pra comentar que esse cara ae parece o Marcelo Oderbercht

  17. This Harari guy should just tell the truth. This was 45min of almost constant lies with a couple true things sprinkled in between. Why don't you tell people the plans of the WEF, WHO and how there both working with Ukraine and Russia and most other countries to destabilize the world to bring in there great reset. You will own nothing, eat bugs and be happy.

  18. I am an admirer of Mr Harari but he seems to be pandering to popular sentiments, and the hatred of all things Putin. As an historian that runs counter to objectivity, and enters the murky world of opinion.

    Ukraine has been around for a long time, but like all Europe borders were in a continuous state of flux. It’s not clear Ukraine was willingly a part of the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth, so much being under the rule of it. It wasn’t until the Cossacks who occupied parts of the Ukraine and Russia rose up that things changed. A war between Poland and Russia in 1600’s, led to eastern Ukraine being ceded to Russia. Ukraine and Russia went to war, but Ukrainian Bolsheviks overthrew the government in Kyiv, making Ukraine a founding member of the Soviet Union, though it retained its cultural identity. Interestingly, Krushchev was Ukrainian, which helped cultivate this sense of identity and independence. 

    When the USSR was formally dissolved, to which the Ukraine was a signatory, it formally became independent simply on the basis of the Soviet Union ceasing to exist. When the Berlin Wall came down Russia was given assurances NATO would not extend to its borders. This is the turning point in the deterioration of trust and relations between Russia and principally the USA. Neither Gorbachev, nor Yeltsin, nor Putin felt comfortable with what they saw as NATO expansion and its implied geo-strategic threat to their country. Afterall, the post WWII ‘buffer zone’ (eastern Europe) was principally established out of fear Russia had of Europe, especially Germany.

    So, while I’m not offering an apologia to Putin’s aggressive miscalculations, his motives don't seem rooted in the purely acquisitive, empire building ambitions Mr Harari would have us believe. This was recently borne out by Putin’s frank disclosure that neither Sweden nor Finland present a problem for him, but that their adoption of NATO’s military expansion does. He has claimed he made repeated warnings of this incremental development, and that he was repeatedly ignored.

  19. Extremely poor and manipulative analysis. If I was paid to create a narrative and talking points for the Anglo-Saxon world, I would keep not more than 50% of his arguments and I'd substantially edit the part I keep. It's evident therefore that he considers the large majority of his listeners brainwashed and retarded.

  20. Will you go to heaven? Have you ever lied, stolen used God's name as a curse word (O-M-G)? According to God's law, you're guilty,ignorance will not be an excuse… But wait, God loves you, he made a way out. God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him will not die but have everlasting life. John 3:16 Please think about your eternal life, believe and repent, even after rapture you can be saved. Love Y'all

  21. What a fn liar!! Russia's operation has NOTHING to do with all of the killing and terrorizing that has been happening to the Russian speaking Eastern Ukranians since the 2014 coup, right? It has NOTHING to do with that puppet Zelensky breaking the Minsk agreement and allowing NATO to put dozens of biolabs and bringing nuclear weapons into Ukrain, right?
    Jesus, Mary and Joseph can't people remember or look into anything for themselves anymore?!?

  22. Rothschild's mother:
    If my son wanted war….there will be a war…..
    Make no mistake wars happen because "certain people" WANT IT TO HAPPEN. We have been told many times that THERE WILL BE NO "NORMAL" again. That was during Convid and as Convid was losing it's importance…..WAR! is shortage of food and inflation. Who do you think controls inflation? The ones that controls our money…BANKS!
    Nothing happens by mistake….it is all planned.
    We are being hammered with "disasters" until we are mentally/physically destroyed and BEG for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT (LIKE W.H.O. is now taking over ALL our medical decisions and our governments are busy introducing "digital controlled money system"

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