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Will your IRA or 401K accounts ensure a safe retirement? FRONTLINE investigates the big business of retirement, raising …


24 thoughts on “The Retirement Gamble (full documentary) | FRONTLINE”

  1. DON’T BE LIKE STUPID HEAD and borrow from your retirement nest egg EVER!!! ALL the different sites are showing I will have extra money per month when I retire! I started when I was in my late 20’s and have kept it at least at the company match 6% for 401K and recently have been maxing out my Roth IRA every January to $7,000 as I am now over 50!

  2. If you know how this money works in a manipulated capitalist system, you can get retire within 3 years
    If you dont know you need to work whole life

  3. I’m a dividend investor, My wife and I have invested in the S&P500, both through my TSP with the government, and through Fidelity in her 401-k. Cashed out 270k from the S&P and invested with a Financial adviser, Jane Marie Kunak. Until around 3 years ago we were 100% in the s&p after over 30 years. I'm retiring at the end of this month at 62, while my wife will retire next year at 60. We currently have 3.7 million in our tax deferred savings..

  4. Dude used to a compound calculator to determine if a 2% fee would reduce the gains by 2/3 and didn’t figure out shit. $100,000 that earns 7% will be worth $2,945,703 in 50 years. $100,000 that earns 5%(7%-2% fee) will be worth $1,146,740 in 50 years. Its 61% less. So fairly close to 2/3 (66.6%).

  5. If you invest $2,545 into the S&P, then assuming a 10% annual rate of return, your child at the an early retirement age will be a Million plus rich, excluding every other income channeled to this. We need to invest much more. Focus on the company not just the stock price, true words from my F.A Jane Marie Kunak..I made over half a million from ALB and NVDA..I love passive income.

  6. the 401k is a scam. every company should have a define benefit pensions for its employees. a company pension plus my scam 401k was my safety net to a comfortable retirement. without the company pension I will be still be working.

  7. 20:00 This buffoon got spooked then pulled out of the market at the low. If she had waited 2 years, her portfolio would’ve been right back to where it was. Hold on even longer, and she would’ve partook in the LONGEST BULL RUN IN HISTORY.

    The stock market isn’t rigged, sweety. These folks invest in single stocks, freak out while they watch their nightly propaganda, then pull out at the bottom.

    These folks had no business being in the stock market at all. They should’ve invested in CDs and let inflation chew it up slowly

  8. I’ve put in 15% of my income for the past 10 years. In my early 30s, I now have nearly 2x my current salary in our retirement savings while investing in diversified mutual funds.

    My wife is a stay at home mom. Her car is 9 years old. My car is 14 years old. We live in a 3/2 home. We’ll pay off the mortgage in less than 5 years. We don’t have credit cards nor any other consumer debt.

    The issue here is not ‘the economy’. The issue here is not ‘stalling wages’. The issue here is a wide populace (boomers definitely included) that consumes all that they earn, never prioritizing their future. Start cooking, stop financing stupid phones and cars, and start budgeting every month and you’ll soon figure out you can subsist on a lot less than you thought.

  9. Only giving employees a 401k option gives employers all the power. Imagine having only a 401k and the stock market drops over 20%. If you had a $1 million, that $200,000 gone right before retirement. Dangerous option

  10. Outstanding video explaining how the wool was basically pulled over our eyes! I'm a baby boomer who was caught in the middle of this crucial change that led us down the negative path to retirement. Shame on the Department of Labor for not pushing this bill to be passed holding companies, banks, insurance brokers, etc. accountable to act in our best interest. Makes me so angry!!! When I first became a teacher years ago, I remember my father warned me about this. He told me they will rob you blind to line their own pockets, and said "never sign any document until you read it thoroughly and understand fully what you read." Thus, I was lucky enough to have my father as my financial advisor so I'll be fine. Wish I could change things for others.

  11. This is a pure example of a class and social warfare.. cutting 1 ft. off one end of blanket and sewing it on the other end…for most who gain there is another who lose on the average balance sheet..after all some one gotta sweep the floors…this preys on people's greed or wants to improve themselves

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