The Ocean Cleanup begins cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The nonprofit global cleaning crew called The Ocean Cleanup, led by founder and CEO Boyan Slat, announced recently that it …


36 thoughts on “The Ocean Cleanup begins cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage Patch”

  1. No sense of using plastic in the first place.. at least for objects that don’t necessarily need it like sunglasses! Also half of Earths population lives along the sea so all this plastic in the oceans are coming from us.. not just vaguely from rivers

  2. Truly impressive and the fact like someone commented why countries and governments seem just stuck on stupid with their bloated budgets seem to do nothing….

  3. We are laughed at! Its obvious!

    We can land on the moon, creates building that scrape the sky, vehicle that drive by themself, lawn grow in the desert BUT collecting (or prevent) trash from the sea seems to be a hard task when in fact its pretty simple compared to the things we can do that I stated above.

  4. i literally came up with the idea of just dragging two tug boats and a giant net in highschool years ago… 4 years later and a buncha govt endorsements the simplest solution happened (wich im sure isnt that simple).

  5. each countries will need to have an antipollution taskforce…governments should oblige companies using plastics to invent something environmentally friendly or biodegrable.

  6. An observtion… That doesn't look like individual waste it looks like "Corporate" garbage. Anyone surprised? It's a fantastic plan and I'm happy they are doing it but let stop Corporations from dumping their garbage where ever they want.

  7. The big picture should be holding corporations for their actions, companies make huge money off plastic products, but they aren't being held accountable for the pollution they create, remember big business is all about profits for its share holders at the expense of the environment and its employees.

  8. Very good ! Thank you … Now we need scientists and engineers to find repurpose / recycle use . Maybe building uses ?

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