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41 thoughts on “The most prepared entrepreneur to ever enter the Den 🐉 Dragons' Den 🔥 BBC”

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  2. However, this is a “vulnerable” product. The big brands with solid shelf space will be able to topple it with competitors price and content in a heartbeat.- if they see it as viable.

  3. I’ve Seen dozens of really stupid pitches and dragons have piled in. Here though is a focused woman, brilliant idea and well planned. Surprised with the dragons who pulled out.

  4. I need this stuff for my kids, none of them toddlers but due to excessive hand washing and sanitisation their hands are regularly raw. We have tried so many products.

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  7. This woman is inspirational. This is the kind of person who, had she been a teacher, would have truly made a difference to the futures of her pupils. Work experience days just don’t cut the mustard when it comes to real life. So many skills displayed here from selling to finance to understanding futures markets and projections. Along with the art of engagement and body language, of listening and above all, the importance of good preparation. Education providers, take note.

  8. The facts Peter has been doing it so long and didn't realise a big fraction of the tiddler and baby Market is adults who prefer using products that go through the toughest testing as they are designed for the most delicate skin

  9. You can tell she likes what she is doing, the difference between people who start a business pure for money or people who start it because they like the process of running a business

  10. That probiotic hand gel bugs me. How are bacteria which live in the gut helping disinfect hands? They can barely make it through the stomach, and there's not really any good evidence they do anything beneficial when they do, so how is their being slathered over hands going to do anything? Is there any evidence of their efficacy in fighting viruses and "bad" bacteria outside of the body when, as I just said, there's scant evidence they work inside? How long do they live there for? Has the business owner funded any proper medical studies into its efficacy, or is this yet another, "This is good for X, so it must be good for Y" snake oil fallacy?

    It doesn't matter how many people rave over it, the plural of anecdote is certainly not data. I sincerely wish people would be more critical of these kinds of claims when they are made. It also says it has lemongrass to "detoxify". From what? The whole detox fad is yet another snake oil venture. I'd avoid this like the plague.

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