'The big quit' as millions leave jobs in US – BBC News

Millions of Americans are leaving their jobs in what economists are calling “the great resignation”. 2021 has seen a huge number …


22 thoughts on “'The big quit' as millions leave jobs in US – BBC News”

  1. I watch several YouTube videos on how to trade in the stock market but haven't made any headstart because they are either talking some gibberish or sharing their story of how they made it and I do not want to make mistakes by taking risks in my own hands

  2. Americans are choosing to quit their jobs in record numbers because up to the nineteen nineties a home was attainable ! In fact prior to the nineteen nineties and more so during the nineteen eighties in Florida a carpenter would make fifteen dollars and hour and you could find a home for under thirty thousand dollars ! A person working at a Waffle House restaurant would be able to purchase a home ! More so factual is that in many states the average salary was hire annually than that of the cost of a home ! I worked for GM in New York during the sixties I made eight dollars an hour putting the GM decal on the production line working forty and sometimes seventy hour a week , during my teenage years I was paying sixty dollars for a two bedroom apartment in Manhattan ! During the nineteen eighties I moved to Florida where I worked as a waiter during eight hours for Disney and four hours in conventions . With minimum wage just under three and a quarter , gratuities allowed me to earn a sustainable wage of just under twenty three thousand dollars . My first home in the Azalea Park area cost seventeen thousand dollars , it was a small three bedroom one bath home just under one thousand square feet . Today carpenter that builds houses and medical offices can't even afford a home in Florida ! What carpenter or waiter do you know makes four hundred thousand dollars annually ? Small children are being forced into a daycare center because dads respectful abilities and income are not sufficient there for the mother has to contribute ! Now a constant telephoning for the solicitation to purchase your home is going no mater where you live in America . With the constant purchase of real estate including new home so as to constrict the attainabilities of a common necessity , for a sole purpose to keeping an even greater number of the population in a desperate way of life ! WORK WOrk work now the you can't buy the American dream but you can rent it . In many instances even real estate taxes of New York's commercial and residential building structures are being paid to the Chinese government ! What will this turn out to be ? I will not see it many of you will ! I can express two realities and four advises however ; More Section 8 programs , More legalization of different narcotics . * TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANK ! * Sell what you have in the market , * Keep your home , * Don't invest in the United Sates of China !

  3. There is no worker shortage. There is a wage shortage. I’m so happy that workers are now realizing that they hold the power and they do not deserve to be treated horribly by companies who do not care about their well-being or pay them enough to do a job.

  4. Workers are tired of WORKPLACE BULLYING. It’s a silent epidemic that people are waking up to. Too many narcs at work sabotaging those who have empathy and compassion.

  5. God is a pedophile propagandist. For Jews it was 13 years old the Vatican hold the original Bible and stand accused Muslims its three months after first menstruation. Religion is that way.
    the traditional common law minimum age is 14 for boys and 12 for girls – ages which have been confirmed by case law in some states.
    Yemen is the pedophile? Try being broke in london apposed to uganda mate.

  6. Pay us more and we will work. The cost of living seems to have doubled in 10 years yet wages remain the same. Double my salary and lower my taxes so I can afford a house, pension, children etc and Ill go back.

  7. I feel so lucky working at a place that actually cares about us. We were able to work from home during the pandemic and now that it’s (hopefully) over, we have been going into the office only once a week and soon 2 days a week. Can’t complain about that! I can’t imagine working where they won’t let you take time off for funerals and illnesses. I have over 30 days worth of vacation saved up… boy am I ready to use it!

  8. If the USA isn't going to follow the UK and drop the travel mandates and allow the unvaccinated into their country than fuck the United States. Lots of other countries to visit that don't artificially fluoridate the water supply. Looks like Mexico it is for this years travel destination for many.

  9. Something is afoot. If this were true, I'd be getting call backs from all the applications I have been filling out. Lots of places say they can't keep staffed, tons of job offers and never any offers? I don't believe people are quitting in mass, I think they're getting laid off and no other offers are coming in.

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