The Big Debate Local Elections 2022: What are the issues voters care about?

A special programme ahead of Thursday’s vote. (Subscribe: A panel of senior figures from the …


44 thoughts on “The Big Debate Local Elections 2022: What are the issues voters care about?”

  1. In the last 5 years BJP's poor show in elections of West Bengal is known to every one. The main reason is unabated price rise of essentials directly connected to rising cost of cooking gas and fuels. Besides these Narendra Modi's hypocrisy. For more than decades he has been juggling with Saroda, Naroda, Rosevally NRC, CAA,etc. Mamata Banerjee, although ten times more cruel and corrupt but managed to convince the Hindu voters by bribing them with " sathis" and "shris". Dudhel Gais will always vote for Mamata.

  2. The government needs to help out the people by cutting down on taxes and rents. Politicians are corrupt nowadays. In our world today, the rich become Richer and the poor become poorer. That's why everyone needs a means to generate passive income

  3. Ukraine was a huge benefit for Boris. The British Gov should govern Britain for the benefit of British people and not for foreigners (illegal migrants should be left to sleep on the streets and British homeless put in the hotels).

  4. The cost of living crisis is the result of Green taxes on energy 25% loaded on your bills plus VAT.
    the Green party will make cost of living crisis vastly worse for more tax and cost of living crisis.

  5. NONE OF THESE POLLIES HAVE A FRICKEN CLUE……. ACTION IS NEEDED NOW – not when they might get elected as in the green party… like all these TV debates utterly useless and a waste of airtime….

  6. no no no – Prisons Minister – governments are supposed to help the people the govern…. and your not helping – at all – you need to CUT TAXES – CONTROL RENTS – AND INCREASE BENEFITS TO THE POOR – the MPs all had a 2000 pound plus pay rise why ?????

  7. Like her or not, Maggie Thatcher did at least controll & protect the Country venomusly, we were secure, had good foreign trade relations & were respected as a Country. Sadly we have now sunk into becoming a laughing stock & referred Worldwide as the "dwaft Island".

  8. Children are hungry and cold old ppl have no comfort in their later yrs they go out so they don’t use electricity or gas never has food banks been in so much need and ppl are working to just pay bills sad country

  9. At least a donkey gets to choose between the carrot and the stick.
    Something seriously wrong with people who encourage these idiots by putting an X on the paper.
    Must know by now nothing good comes of it.

  10. Victorias pronouns fool nobody, putting trans m/ f in place of women, then claiming women have a say is not cool, and it’s a tired trick of the elite

  11. The Tory party really are living on planet Zod! I cannot believe that Victoria truly thinks she can wash over the whole partygate with the same old line of "He apologized". The Tories have in my opinion hammered home the last nail in their nasty party coffin lid. They are disgusting. They will NEVER stand for working people they are and always have been a party of the elites and protecting the rich whilst taking EVERYTHING from the poor and ordinary working people. Their policies have been shown in recent times to be just what they are. They are indian givers. They create smoke screens behind more smike screens and using the Ukraine war as an excuse to steer away from their shite leader and horrific cost of living polocies is in my mind unforgivable. They are no worse than rich Charity corporate executives who take massive wages out of money raised for charites to maintain their own fancy lifestyles. Thats the Tory way too. Protect the rich and lace lies with truths and bribes and use other peoples and countries misfortunes as a way of trying to cover up their own ineptitude and nasty evil little polocies that do no good to anyone. The sooner they lose those 500 seats and lose the next general elections the better. Keep them OUT for good then! They are not worth the stress the nation suffers under their rule of thumb….which they seem to think doesnt include them!

  12. Don't vote for anyone, bunch of woke liberal idiots (every party) who have wrecked and bankrupted Britain and made the lives of British people intolerable while the country is invaded by the rest of the world.
    In 3 generations time, Britain will be a memory, a place that British people once called home that was given away by these politicians and their parties. People fought wars to protect it only for it to be given away by the likes of this fool in order to appear popular and progressive.
    Aren't there any proper conservatives left anymore because this liar isn't one.

  13. The government have brought in photo ID as a condition to vote 2 million people have not got photo ID how is this democracy. We cannot even protest against them if they decide to protest is noisy or if there disruptive in anyway

  14. The website they work for you shows politicians voting record the Conservatives always vote to help the rich and vote against policies to help the rest of the population

  15. If the Tory Party don't get crushed today, it will tell you as much about the voters, aswell as the Tory Government.

    I mean, who in their right mind wants to vote for liars, corruption, double standards any more.

  16. Raise tax on people like me, who though not rich, can easily afford to contribute more. Many people are in my position and can do without stuff to help those in need. Tories are greed ridden narcissitic parasites who bleat about patriotism but see the country and its citizens only as cash cows to be used and abused as necessary. they do not care about those in need, never have.

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