The Best Budget Laptops for 2022

These low-cost Windows laptops and Chromebooks can handle everyday computing (and sometimes more) with aplomb, and …


22 thoughts on “The Best Budget Laptops for 2022”

  1. Woah I clicked on this because I need a cheap laptop for gaming so I see him pick up a gaming laptop but for 700 bucks or somewhere close like u ppl with money think 700 bucks is cheap

  2. Your loud music in the back ground makes it really hard to listen to you. What the heck. Is this about the laptops or your MUSIC? I don't know. I cant finish watching this video. It's just to loud.

  3. Laptops are becoming like phones these days paying big $$$ for upgraded specs the average person barely notices because the drop off in quality is so steep. To pay $600-700 for something made out of mostly plastic and is lower mid-low tier performace wise sucks. You might as well shell out the extra money sadly. It's really a joke but that's where we are now.

  4. Can you recommend a Budget windows11, small screen laptop with lots of memory at least 8gb, for DJing? Intel not AMD core. I'm using a DJ program which shows waveforms times counts and plays digi music files. I have an HP stream Windows 11 laptop with Intel Celeron & 4gb of memory. I'm just sliding by it could be better. I appreciate your recommendation it would help me a lot I'm looking to spend about 300. Thank you so much for your help awesome video thank you

  5. I don't know…I feel like the music could be even louder. It's not quite distracting enough. I need my reviews to feel like a disco dance party at all times. This Zackery guys pretty great though. More of him.

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