Sneaky Ways Movie Theaters Get You To Spend More Money

Between ticket prices and concessions, movie theaters are expensive. But movie theater chains like AMC and Regal only keep …


29 thoughts on “Sneaky Ways Movie Theaters Get You To Spend More Money”

  1. Bring your own candy, snacks and canned/bottled sodas in your pockets or purses so you won't have your pockets picked by the theater scam artists. The price of tickets are astronomical as it is. There's no need to add insult to injury by paying theater snack prices.

  2. Offer candy at regular retail price and popcorn medium with purchase of movie ticket. People will buy drinks after they eat the salty popcorn and you will sell more tickets.

  3. Some great comments I’ve read. My friend and I just went to a movie recently, and I don’t know if she just doesn’t get out much, or what, but she was all concerned because I was gonna bring some snacks in. I kind of forgot. Well we did bring a couple things of candy but, we also bought some things there. My favorite thing to get is those big soft pretzels with a nacho cheese. Just something I can’t make it home. And let’s not forget the popcorn smell.
    My friend was all like, I don’t think we should bring the stuff in, and I was telling her well they’re not the movie police, they’re not gonna check your bag. Which they didn’t.

    About the only thing that I really like to sneak in is the boxed candy. You can get it for a dollar at any convenience store or target or Walgreens but yet, they charge you a five times as much at The theater. And I just can’t justify that.

    I loved the comment about a family bringing in an entire pizza or somebody who is snuck in a rotisserie chicken oh my gosh, how genius.

  4. Find it so funny how you cant bring your own food in america, while we're over here bringing whole ass pizzas and shit to the movies, with backpacks and everything

  5. my local movie threat sells large popcorn 5 dollars movie ticket 5-6 dollars large soda $2.75 and all candys are 1 dollar. watching this video showed me how dumb people are for paying so much.

  6. When I’m going to a movie I’m buying a large popcorn and geting my refill to regretting it 2 hours later but I will sneak in soda and candy even if I don’t want it

  7. I always take trip to a cinema as an special ocassion, so I am willing to buy that popcorn and coke. Ofcourse, I can eat it all solo, so no problem here, and also I know this, so I am also willing to support them like them 2x or 3x per year. Btw, its really interesting how is everything different in EU and USA . Here we have our Cinestar and Cinema City which you dont know in us, meanwhile I have heard about the AMC for the first time :D…. Great video tho! 😉

  8. I always sneak in a 160z soda bottle and some gummy candy or a microwave burrito. I like walking directly to my seat when nobody is in there. I would buy in-house food if I could afford it. The last item I bought was a pizza because of its novelty. I usually go to the movies on $6 Tuesdays

  9. i spend at home 7,1 movies 55intch tv hdr 😀 and get popcorn 0.50cents its for like 3 movies tho. dry seeds , and 2L cola 2 euros 😀 rest of setup 1k+ 😀 saving more then visiting cinema. xxD and when ever i goi cinema i never spend food on it bcs i take water usuly xD

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