Scott Martin: Small businesses are ‘key’ to bringing back economy

Kingsview Wealth Management CIO Scott Martin discusses the economic recovery that TX, AZ, UT, and ID have achieved since …


29 thoughts on “Scott Martin: Small businesses are ‘key’ to bringing back economy”

  1. Not only do I support small businesses. I also believe that if you are unemployed, you should be able to sustain yourself by selling things even without a license. Especially food.

  2. I’ve lost 3 businesses. Lost 150 employees and shut down two stores. Finishing selling up my inventory online and likely keep whatever is left till 2024 and see how things go.

  3. Investing in different streams of income in other not to depend on government for funds and avoid all the chitchat about the inflation bla bla bla

  4. Term limits for congress folk, and money in politics is the only thing a politician should be talking about to earn votes. That’s the only thing threatening democracy

  5. Everyone still seems to think that these truths about our economy and what drives it, are what these pols and Corp. giants give a rat's patootie about. They DON'T! They know the tremendous necessity of small businesses for the economy. It's just that they not only don't care about that, they deliberately want the failures to continue at rapid pace to hasten their actual goal: the decimation of the American experience as the hindrance it's always been to the globalist totalitarian class. People in media, entertainment, tech and academia, as well as deepstate bureaucracy minions, all believe they'll be lifted with the rising tide of control of the elites.

    Yeah, seems like something like this has happened before, even in some of our lifetimes. Hasn't worked out well yet, but not due to a heck of a lot of trying…. to the tune of over a hundred million human souls taken in the struggle just in the last century alone, all to make Utopia right here on Mother Earth.

  6. "Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), the chairman of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, blocked an attempt by Democrats to pass a bill that would require the Trump administration to report new details on how small-business aid is being dispersed amid the coronavirus pandemic…"

  7. Small business is most subject to costs of rent and no one touches the tax code to reform lost income. So long as land lord's and property management can write off unrealized rent we have no chance.

  8. Obama killed small business…. So biden will too. It was a horrible time to graduate from college and look for your first job. Noone was hiring. NOONE.

  9. They could should never federalize m.w laws. Various states and various municipalities within the state should be given discretion to dictate or decide their own! incumbent on their unique economic conditions. Yes big mega retailers could afford to give higher pays but small n family stores can't. That's number one job killer because big retailers could hire only so many additional employees. I am not so crazy about working for K mart or Target anyway just saying..

  10. Kennedy Kennedy they should have let you ring the opening bell live on MTV while Sinatra crooned your fave tune. Small fellow big success like Mark Martin on the race track.

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