Russia: An Economy at War | DW Business Special

Russia’s escalating war in Ukraine has prompted unprecedented economic sanctions against the country. Over the weekend …


37 thoughts on “Russia: An Economy at War | DW Business Special”

  1. SWIFT is a sistem with a swift effect if looked.Think about Taiwan , the Chinese will not invade it x another 3 decades.
    If they do it now the swift looked down will put 850 chinese into famine in 1 month.

  2. if it is impossible to get your money for the sale of our goods, and buy your own goods for your money, then your money is not worth the paper on which it is printed..

  3. "Putin's foreign minister says freezing Russia's currency reserves was 'thievery' and that the Kremlin didn't expect such harsh sanctions." That's why we did it….

  4. Okay I can't hold it in anymore I've got to say this or I'll burst how did Biden know that Russia was going to do this way before anybody else and he can say is spies and confidential information and all this but I think it has been planned by America Russia EU NATO I think they're all involved in this they all wanted this for their own agenda they needed this war to push for the world to go in a direction that suits their plans , because that was just too much coincidence for my liking

  5. The coverage between the war in Ukraine and the Middle East is very racist. The coverage doesn’t show the same concern for victims who are brown and poor. Isn’t every person equal or are some more equal?

  6. ​when the planet RED KACHINA leaves the earth this time Russia will be the NEW NORTH POLE Putin knows this he needs Ukraine and the other countries to be Russia's garden or Russia will starve

  7. What the media isn't saying is that Russia signed a deal with China in 2019 to bypass SWIFT and use CIPS for trade. Which is the real reason for the aggressive sanctions against Russia, not whats happening in Ukraine. China's new CIPS crypto based financial clearing system is a threat to Americas outdated SWIFT payment system. India has also publicly expressed interest in switching to CIPS for trade. Prices aren't going up, the value/buying power of the dollar is going down. Things cost more because the dollar is worth less. Everything is all about maintaining the stability of the dollar as World currency. A non-backed fiat since Nixon ended the gold/dollar convertibility in 1971.

  8. You cannot simply sit and watch this. There is nothing new with the sanctions. This isn't helping poor Ukrainian. If you care, why don't you step in. If you don't care to step in then why provoke the enemy and make situations complicated. This is absolute hypocrisy! Do you really think Russia is so dumb to not be prepared for this before they declared military operation! Aren't we fooling ourselves by believing that we are helping Ukraine by supporting the sanctions?? The whole country is under rubble.. Ridiculous!

  9. The Turks will have to sell all that gold that they have been smuggling, stealing from Venezuela. Gold always holds it's value. Time to let go of those pretty chains, charms and family heirlooms. The Venezuelans did it, now Turkey can join them in that respect. Gold has always been a way to adorne their bodies. Time to shed the weight in kilograms of gold.

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