Robberies and Break-ins Abound | Teachers May Be Shut Out | TVJ Midday News

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21 thoughts on “Robberies and Break-ins Abound | Teachers May Be Shut Out | TVJ Midday News”

  1. I was told on one occasion that my hands were too soft, on an other i was too young and on another I was told yuh nah come back. After that I went to an councilor office for a farm card and I was asked a which party I voted for… so all that was said isn't a lie.

  2. It is evident that the government of Jamaica is void of feeling for it's people by extension it's workers in all public sectors, if a bill is being put foward to be passed why do the seek to exclude so many teachers by definition, already in the sector, why not seek to include rather than exclude. The agenda of the government seems to be one that will overturn an already plagued sector to be almost none existing. One teacher cannot be expected to teach 50 students until a diploma teacher for example upgrade to a first degree. Ridiculous and short sighted as usual.

  3. Do you think that the Nurses deserves to got what they asked for because they are work right around the clock.that the reason why they have to look it some where else the entire health sector deserve more..

  4. Damm liar…most of these teachers are who you know…That certain woman at the top telling people to vote for pnp so she can't get more….we are the victims. the goverment is planning how to hurt us every day. PnP and their disinformation again..wait for it in the next meeting.i can't strand this network only pnp work here

  5. Since when did Breakings become break-ins? TVJ, please be informed that one does not have enter a building for a "breaking" to take place. If you enter someone's home and hide until he locks his door and you have to break out through a window, for example, you have still committed the offence of Breaking. Did you break in? No. JCF members are adopting terms that are not part of our laws or procedures. Dont let them make you into fools.

  6. Jamaica makes very difficult for their workers to achieve, In US you can get jobs without subjects, no experience and don't go on any probation period. Same day you show up for your new job the same day u get ur uniform. what a difference.

  7. They need grandfather in the current teachers or allow existing teachers to get licensed allowing them to use their existing experience to get licensed. New teachers would be fully subjected to the new rules but existing teachers should be grandfathered in.

  8. Move un U Bomboclart un U never can tell people nothing good every day a bad need Rasa Clart a when money a go fall from sky every things a fall all monkey pox

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