🔴 Real Estate Market *Update* May 2022 | Housing Market Is Slowing Down In May

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14 thoughts on “🔴 Real Estate Market *Update* May 2022 | Housing Market Is Slowing Down In May”

  1. Great information! Thank you for sharing! I would question the strength of the current market because of the number of people that lost jobs and took lower paying jobs during covid.

  2. Ok, Lena dont block this one, but i mean it last message, Im a RE Broker for 20 years, and i know a little bit about this topic, Mortgage Rates will slow down the agressiveness of the price increase, and NO this is not 2008, lending stardards are very tight, but and i believe the Real Estate bubble will burst around 2027 and 2030, we are seeing coming back the 5/1 arm mortgages that will definetely help to fuel the opportunities for those that cant afford this new rates, that will be able to purchase with a teaser rate for the next 5 years but they will reset in 5 years from now, unfortunately this is linked like always to politics, in Nov we have Republicans regainig the House and Senate and most likely the White House in 2024, and this 5/1 mortgages will peak in 2023 and reseting around 2028. Meaning that its helping to kicking the can little bit further and like always leaveing the damage to the next person in charge to deal with the mess. Chances of reelection of Biden is nonexistence in 2024 so reelection for a second term coming on 2028 will be doomed by the wave of Mortgage mess again. Now, for those that dont believe in the Great Reset, CBDC and World Economic Forum and even the United Nations recent alliance on the Great Reset at 2030, this kind of line up .
    Again, Real Estate is in an unfortunately bubble due to lack of materials, high demand due to rents skyrocketing, Companies looking for yield on a stock market crashing and buying housing, and now the introduction of Teaser low rates will be that last push to burst this, but it will take liek i said a few more years

  3. Don’t trust the economists- they are paid to lie- see 2006/2007. A lack of affordability=demand drop=value drop. When, how far- don’t know, but it’s coming. A tree does not grow to the moon.

  4. Keep it simple Lena. Lack of supply & huge increase in demand & increase in price per foot to build. Are you overthinking it a bit? Consider a few of the more important factors.

  5. Another top notch presentation. My take: In the Midwest, no one seems to be building affordable housing. Apartment rents command a scandalous $1,200+/mo. So long as housing demand exceeds supply, no bubble.
    I don't see a solution, until the cost of building drops massively and the builders reduce the selling prices accordingly. I can only imagine the probability of that. I feel for the young families who are struggling to pay rent, wanting to buy a home, but saddled w/ student and/or credit card debt, might never be able to own real estate. Merely my opinion. Keeping the faith.

  6. Quantitative tightening, inflation, higher fuel costs and the low velocity of money will see the housing market in serious decline, as consumers struggle to meet the bare necessaties.

  7. Hi Lena! Excellent content as always Lena. Wow, this real estate market is something else; not just the prices of housing, but the rental prices are also skyrocketing. It used to be cheaper to rent not any longer depending on the area rent is almost as expensive as buying a house. Except for renting you do not have to pay taxes, insurance, etc… Thanks, Lena keep up the Great work.

  8. The housing market has to cool. Trees don't grow to the sky, after all. They grow very fast when young ("Wow! This young tree is growing 20-percent a year! That's so much faster than that bigger and older tree across the street. How could that be?"), but they do slow down as the mature, and then stop. Same with markets of all kinds. Housing price increases will slow down — and could even flatten or even decrease a bit (five- or ten-percent decline). But I don't expect a "crash" unless, for example, Russia unleashes nuclear war against the EU or the U.S. In that case, who cares what your home "value" is, if it's not a radioactive ash heap? Thanks for your concise video.

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