QuickBooks Online: The Complete Tutorial by Hector Garcia CPA

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20 thoughts on “QuickBooks Online: The Complete Tutorial by Hector Garcia CPA”

  1. I’m a new Subbie !!! Thank you so very much for this valuable information on QB !! I can’t wait to use my knowledge and will be back here again and again. You delivery was easy to follow even though it was fast. I hope I can retain this info , if not ……… I got the reference video. God bless you Sir. Maybe now I can get a job !! Sincerely

  2. Hello Hector, Do have a current offer code for the online QuickBooks? Since I viewed your course, I'd like to give back by buying through your link.

  3. Hi, First of all thank you for this video. I followed your video and opened a free trial to practice while I learned. Then when I signed on to the paid version my practice company still appears. How do I delete this practice company?

  4. Created a personal QB account for practice and having trouble figuring out how to enter my paycheck into my account, without having to jump many hoops. I am new to this but. First time using QB..
    I tried the sample account and I used "Record Deposits". My question is; When asked, where is the deposit coming from? Do I need to add Omni to Chart of accounts? Under what category if so? Account receivable? Getting paid for a service.?

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