President Biden signs into law the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022 — 4/6/2022

President Biden signs into law the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022, which addresses the finances and operations of the U.S. …


26 thoughts on “President Biden signs into law the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022 — 4/6/2022”

  1. Biden, the radical lefts Godsend. A man who does what he is told because he does not have any cognitive abilities left, a professional politician for sale to the highest bidder who obviously has few years left and does not care except for power and greed. A man without a conscience or any trace of human compassion past his own son's. A man who will make wars possible for the profit. A man who would and has helped steal honest Americans right to choice in a federal election. A man without a soul

  2. I was wondering who the people were who actually still support this moron. You just can't fix stupid! May God have mercy on all of you.
    Please post videos of yourselves crying like babies after the mid terms. Let's go Brandon!

  3. Are these guys gona ever cover the historically unprecedented un-vaccinated mass migration event happening on our border set to get exponentially worst? Lets face it, the postal workers are in danger. So are we all. But Ooooo the POSTAL service! At least they didn't fire any postal workers for rejecting the jab.

  4. Finally! The GOP tried to cancel the best mail system in the world, and then tried to use it to subvert democracy and install a dicktator! Sanity prevails, good bye Republican pukes

  5. USPS should be privatized. It’s bleeds billions every year. Nobody writes letters and mails them. Tax dollars to deliver junk mail. Biden just wants to spend us into hyperinflation. Fools elected him out of hatred for Trump. The country is in the dumps now. So sad. Violence is normal and the border is overrun and inflation is the highest since Carter. God help us.

  6. A legend such as none have ever seen before; congratulations Mr. Biden!
    You're an inspiration to children everywhere!
    Hat's Off ~ J/K @ Delaware!

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