Only A Few Families Know The Secret To Making This Perfect Mirror | Still Standing

Aranmula kannadi is a sacred mirror made only in the Indian town of Aranmula. The formula for the reflective alloy has been kept …


35 thoughts on “Only A Few Families Know The Secret To Making This Perfect Mirror | Still Standing”

  1. There are 1000 of specialized artisan works in India…which is not much exposed to entire world, from unique style of painting like mural arts to different kind of hand made products of metal, wood, coconut, jute and many organic material like plates made of arachnut, straw made of thin bamboos and so on..

  2. All cool but i can see many ways to ease their labor. How come son didn't modernized this at least a bit? Like keep the quality just add some tools man… You don't have to do everything by hand it's 2022?

  3. People are always confused why we knew in the past how to do certain things and extremely confused how we could lose how to do something..

    Perfect example..

    Not everything is written down and most things have to be taut from years and years of trial and error to perfect, but no time at all to be forgotten…

  4. Aranmula is less than 20km from my house… I have heard and seen of these mirrors, but didn't knew that it had so many taboos and family traditions behind it, knew it was expensive though… Glad to see people breaking all the unwanted cultural taboos to sustain the core element of this art forward….I hope they reveal the recipes though if the art comes to a verge of collapse…

  5. Holy shit how many times can you try and hammer the "woman" angle. Did she make the business? Did she invent the process?

    "A woman did moderately hard work" jfc

  6. Reflecting telescopes from Newton's in 1600's to Hershel's in the 1800's used a copper tin alloy called "speculum" with an ideal composition around 68.21% copper to 31.7% tin. Today most reflecting mirrors are ground from glass which is then silvered or aluminized.

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