Northern California growing into 'mega-region' as people moving from the Bay to Sacramento doubles

Working from home means you can change where home is. Massive migration in Northern California has impacted housing prices …


38 thoughts on “Northern California growing into 'mega-region' as people moving from the Bay to Sacramento doubles”

  1. Don’t want urban sprawl then shut the border down ! That’s where all the number are coming from. Homegrown birth rates were going down along with the numbers. Come on Sierra club pull your head out and address the truth!

  2. I don’t normally watch ABC propaganda but couldn’t pass this one up. As far as I am concerned the North Koreans can nuke California and I don’t think I would shed a tear.

  3. How is the middle class doing in Los Angeles? Aren't living the high life, that's for certain. You can have a nice place or a nice car. If you pick the nice car, plan to live in it.

  4. The problem isn’t red or blue – that’s a distraction unfortunately. Instead, there are many challenges presented when you have large concentrated populations. More people = more government of those people. Just take a look at all of the highly populated areas. No matter the state. Unfortunately, if you end up with enough of those types of cities in your state then it affects the whole state, even those who don’t need the government’s hand nor live anywhere near the highly populated areas.

    – From someone who lives in the high country of CA. What we out here call the the State of Jefferson. Look it up

  5. The problem is not red or blue. The problem is concentrated population. More people means more government involvement. Period. No matter what state your in – this will be your challenge based on the area you live. If your state ends up with large areas of mass population then the whole state will be affected.

  6. CA has a stereotype based on LA and SF due to what people see in the media. Not all of CA looks like nor are all the people like those from the metropolitan area. There is plenty of beautiful country. Small towns and politics that are nearly opposite of main stream cities. Towns you have never heard of with people who keep quiet about it, so they aren’t inundated with new residents. Everyone in my small country town in the foothills know that mums the word concerning our little piece of heaven. There are many towns like this. The biggest issue is that these metropolitan towns control the politics due to their deep pockets. It affects those of us that don’t need their “government assistance”.

    You wanna know where these little towns and nice people are? Look at the “Recall Newsom” map. You will see a clear difference. It’s also the reason that this state has had a long fight to separate this state in two. The borders are clear.

  7. You wonder why people left the Bay Area democratic policies Nancy Pelosi’s backyard crimes up people laying in the streets homelessness needles in the streets devaluing your police force failed policies after field policies high taxes crime crime crime hello anybody home

  8. We need leadership that’s going to do something anything for working class citizens. You know tax paying citizens. Democrats must be pushed out to save our state our nation and our future. Vote Republican. Our cities are discussing!

  9. As a Sacramento native I really wish Silicon Valley tech workers wouldn't choose to migrate here if it's at all possible to survive where they're working… They are directly causing this homeless crisis. Obviously the housing and economic crises are affecting everybody, but home ownership should never take precedence over the basic rights and needs of your fellow man. Renting may not be ideal, but at least you won't be destroying the lives of families, and even entire communities of people by displacing them from their homes. Tech workers, please prioritize humanity and compassion over greed.

  10. I’m born and raised in San Jose. I can’t see myself living anywhere else. This is home. My whole family is here. Extended family as well. But I’ll never be able to own a home with my single income. And I don’t want to get married. It sucks.

  11. About freaking time. People need to move more inland. There is so much land and potential at other smaller city and town. Hopefully business and organization will do the same.

  12. It is very interesting to read all of the reviews and the very difficult times people are having trying to find reasonable places to live with a decent quality of life. I always recommend where we are at , we absolutely love the upper Midwest, what was called ,the old rustbucket cities, which have all been renovated beautifully, and tend to be very reasonable places to live in, with deep history, great architecture, pro spirts, great parks and bike/ walk ways, good schools, great restaurants, tons of natural resources and overall really nice people. I’m sure in time this will change as people find out but the cities of Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Milwaukee are all areas that are still reasonable to live in, They offer great amenities and lots of natural resources, you don’t ever have to worry about water here, and the climate tends to be pretty reasonable. People talk about crime, but frankly we hear about just as much if not more on the coasts than you do in these places now.

  13. So glad I live in the middle of nowhere with good internet connection and a major city an hour away. It might not be much, but I say it's much better being in the same situation as most Americans are. They're starting to come even to my county though.

  14. Don’t worry folks!….fire and droughts are going to bring those California property values down to ZERO! (After everyone moves out!)….and THEN WHAT????…..(hmmm).

  15. Tampa FL is experiencing the same thing. I've been here 22 years and it changed night and day just last few years. It is becoming so crowded, a 10 minute commute now takes and hour and a half. Everything is super expensive. Same apartment I rented in 1999 for $675 a month is now $2,300 a month.

  16. Born here and lived here since 1980's moving out because I don't support the Democratic party that ignores all these young girls sold in to slavery. I cant bury my mind anymore….

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