New York City rich and poor — the inequality crisis | DW Documentary

Even before COVID-19, New York was already defined by a gap between the rich and poor. Yet during the pandemic, wealth has …


35 thoughts on “New York City rich and poor — the inequality crisis | DW Documentary”

  1. Why doesnt the "artist" take a part-time job instead of unemployment and COVID subsidies? All of our lives have changed, some worse than others, but we all need to make changes. If you think you are "better" than working a shitty part job so you can not live off the government then I don't know what to tell you. It's not racism, it's stupidity.

  2. Equality? C'mmon, life's not fair. Open your eyes. Survival of the fittest still at play, yeah we're not running from lions on a daily but we have our own human rules we must abide to in order to survive.

  3. It’s very simple everything is of their fathers cut them off and kick their dumb ass out of your mansion let them go live on their own then they will awaken! As long as his giving them all that is actually the result of his hard work how are they going to be humble people! The moms clearly the spoiler!!

  4. Anastasia and Drizella might have fancy clothes, but their spirits are unfulfilled. Knowing you haven't achieved anything in life is a bitter pill to swallow. They are scrambling to be anything but spoilt, but they know no better, miserable existence. I feel bad for their dad, he seems genuinely down to earth, kind and humble.

  5. Lol what is their ‘fair share’? Nobody has defined this for the general populace.

    Work hard. Innovate. Save your money. Stop complaining about others. The government won’t fix your life

  6. People who are stuck in a situation are stuck in that situation due to them not taking action, your race has nothing to do with you being lazy and ignorant in the financial standpoint. Let’s stop victimizing ourselves and be more logical and be more responsible of our actions.

    A Mexican-American who is currently starting an investing and entrepreneurial journey.

  7. too late monopolies were allowed to dominate the world and have more money than any country. Racism, Democrats did that…via zip code segregation. I live it, I watched it. Never voted. It is a lie…..Democrats did this and blame the Republicans. Look at the data. Chicago here

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  10. White liberals are so concerned about equality when they are the biggest consumers of cocaine in the United States of America and they have absolutely no problem putting money in the pockets of the billionaire Mexican cartels.

  11. I never been to New York or anywhere in usa. My guy friend said its not safe to go to bars he said a person gets killed im like really I didn’t know that & I said Heres me wanted to see florida.

    & I feel bad for the father that there 2 daughters don’t see the real world. & without the dad the daughters are nothing

  12. Ha! Listen to them all blame it on Trump back then as we watch it get much, much worse 2 years after Biden get into the office. So, basically, almost everyone’s opinion in this video has been complete debased.

  13. God I remember having to stay at home do zoom school meetings, then go to work while people complained about being bored at home, paid to stay at home….then complained about having to wear masks, complained about the shortages we we’re experiencing. So much complaining while people died around us. I thought people would get nicer during this time, you know…come together. Jesus it brought the worst out of everyone.

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