Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – May 6

Some states prepare to ban most abortions if Roe v. Wade is overturned, a new rescue mission is underway to evacuate civilians …


25 thoughts on “Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – May 6”

  1. It’s crazy how these people fight to murder children legally but yet when someone wanted more information before they take “the jab” or the right not to take “the jab” for the plague they were condemned and deemed a threat to society?! Yeah my body my choice?! FOH

  2. all these people that want to have a abortion looks all right to me we dont want there geans any ways they stupid and funny looking any ways so its a good thing if they abort there babys for the rets of us that are normal .

  3. Terminating humans is a human right. These people are ridiculous. Termination because it’s necessary is one thing, terminating as a method of birth control is another. There’s a lot of options to keep from getting pregnant in the first place.

  4. FYI since 1973 (roe vs wade ) decision ..over 63 MILLION BABIES HAVE BEEN ABORTED !.and you call that a 'right' seriously how can anyone defend that ! HUMAN LIFE IS SACRED !

  5. You know people been getting mutilated in Mexico for like the past 30 years and we never spent 50 billion dollars over there. If you look at the Biden family history you'll understand why we are giving so much money to Ukraine. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

  6. The governor of texas is of back ward mentality primitive minded who feel dragging women by hair to caves is right . It's called jungle rule .draconian laws .taking away right from woman SUCH PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE IN POWER . SO BACKWARD

  7. If there is war taking lives that's a choice 2. Like abortion should be a choice.. coke or Pepsi is a choice..
    Me I choose water now if we can find some maybe at Churchill downs they will have a surplus of it.. jeze Louise the news is coco for cocapuffs..
    Why can't we get along because everyone has a opion even the pope.

  8. Please Republicans, especially young ones and minorities, run for office! Whether it's at the city, county, state, or federal level in government, run for office. Give Americans a variety of candidates from which to choose their next representatives in congress – man or woman – for the House and for the Senate! Our nation needs a selection, not just one popular person or somebody that receives a lot of attention from the press. Every election needs several candidates with various points of view to tell people what they want to do if they're elected. So, run, run, run for public office dear young Republicans, and keep running. Your country needs you! You don't need to be just like Madison Cawthorn, but please do run for office like he is choosing to do!

  9. If Roe v. Wade can be overturned by a Supreme court ruling, how long will it take them to overturn Social Security. This seems to also be a part of the Republican agenda. Eerily, it seems like the Handmaids Tale is slowly but surely becoming a reality in the U.S.

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