Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – May 12

Gas prices soar as inflation hits record levels, Senate Democrats’ bill to keep abortions legal nationwide fails, and a coastal …


19 thoughts on “Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – May 12”

  1. What ever happened to America?? Our own Government is sabotaging it.
    They're ALL thieves. Getting
    Kickbacks.Breaking laws and getting away with it ..SICK S.O.Bs...WHY AREN'T THEY IN JAIL I WOULD BE THIS CORRUPT MOB SHOULD BE RAN OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT

  2. 6 billion grant from US is vast, 40 billion is almost outright corruption for thought, if Biden tried to authorise such a sum I'd have him checked for narcotics although he shows serious signs of medical unfitness and incompetence!
    Many of the Ukraine people since Palestine became Israel are able to be Btrts and of other Ukraine ethnicity involvement of Britain (e.g. Britain's Commonwealth of India) and Britains Commonwealth's can thereabout be granted dual citizen of Britain going in the British embassy door and as fast as the paperwork can be printed. It really is Britain's war and responsibility!
    Weird! If you know the international connections politics of Ukraine and Britain you'd think it was a British war by alliance with Israel. Queen Victoria of Britain was converted to Judaism and hence aristocracy of many of both British and European aristocracy are Jews, so the connections to the Ukraine areas start and along with pre WW2 Serbia and the Jewish aristocracy of Austria, but it's tighter than that, at the end of WW2 Palestine was captured and owned by Britain. Britain handed Palestine to the holocaust survivors and Jewish inhabitants of Palestine creating Israel.
    Britain's monarch QE2 is related to Mercedes of Greece, related to a Portuguese princes and married a Finland prince , other close ties to Ukraine (external) in Britain's aristocracy are Polish.
    Soon enough with Finland joining NATO the composite of NATO will be British connections.
    Appears NATO is more influenced by Britain as a nuclear superpower than USA. nb the Italian connection with Britain is through the Roman Catholics and British Ireland oddly.
    Of aka fort Knox bullion storage 40billion USD from Britain would be pittance from their storage to move across the floor.

  3. Who really cares at this point . nobody cares but news people u ask me how u feel about it.just another day in America rich get richer poor get poorer got to love it .who u to blame blame the barrels lol they can't talk

  4. The price of gas will go down in America if American gas executives and their families were targeted by MAGAT Fox TV/Facebook followers.

    44 Americans are shot by other Americans each day so who would notice?

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