Microsoft SharePoint Online Tutorial – 1 Hour Crash Course

In this more comprehensive tutorial, we look at how to get started in the latest Microsoft Office 365 version of SharePoint. We begin …


32 thoughts on “Microsoft SharePoint Online Tutorial – 1 Hour Crash Course”

  1. Absolutely Brilliant and enlightening !!! Have over 15 years of experience in IT and still thought its just a storage space. Never bothered or needed to know more about it. Just considered it as pain in back at times 🙂 . I have been exploring on a collaborated excel within my team and learnt all high level stuff about share point in 1 hour that I never cared so far.

  2. Brilliant! I have a question about sending news post via email. Do I have to type email address one by one? In outlook I have different contact groups but it doesn't seem to be working in sharepoint.

  3. I'm not sure why you did not mention that Microsoft is moving away from subsites in your demo. There are some settings for organizations to completely remove the option. Also, you didn't show how to drag and drop items on the Quick Launch.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial! It was really good! But I have a question about file transfer thing. Let me give a quick example. Let's say I have a company. And in this company we have different departments like Ne (company's name) IT Services , Ne Restaurants… I created new team sites for this departments. And each departments have sub parts like accounting, advertisement… Then I have main sharepoint site too (Ne Company). And in this site I have that sub parts too (accounting, advertisement…). What I want is when someone edits, adds etc. files in other departments sharepoint sites I want the same work done in our main sharepoint site (Ne Company). I want to sync folders between sites but it must be one way (Departments => Company). How can I do that? Thanks for everything.

  5. Thank you for the guide.
    Our company just decided to start working with Sharepoint. The Calendar functions as well as task management is also very interesting and I hope your future videos would cover those topics

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