Massive fire in Queens impacts 30 small businesses

Chantee Lans has the latest from Main Street in Flushing, after a massive fire gutted a building where more than 30 business …


35 thoughts on “Massive fire in Queens impacts 30 small businesses”

  1. Trash reporting. Looks like a bunch of Asian American businesses and this b lack reporter is more worried about the commuters vs the possible people inside and the owners of those Asian businesses.

    Typical racists!

  2. So tragic. Having shopped years ago, one thing is obvious. Businesses were thriving in Flushing. There was no parking. They had healthy competition. Everything from acupuncturist to every conceivable retail store, restaurants thrived. This is so sad.

  3. Understand , this is the CHASTISEMENT OF THE LORD upon the world." Hark who goes there? It is I, DEVASTATION

    I was sent from the MOST HOLY OF HOLY, my orders to DAVASTATE the World. Believers and Non-believers, I have

    no prejudice. Its not over, WATCH AND PRAY. This is how you will Know, Not with bombs, Not with guns.

  4. Dang wasn't a fire not long ago folks I definitely think if it started from bottom may be electrical or something ain't no buildings just burning cause their old and out dated trust if it was set on fire on purpose the fire department will find out hope the business had insurance at least to help with lost but who stack all those business together so close that is crazy I bet they was charging Hella rent to have space

  5. The only reason why this happens is becuase the inspectors are paid by the chinese so they can get away with so much violations. New York has about 500 violations. This just shows you how corrupt the Democrats are that runs the state.

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