Making Fun of Dead Anti-Vaxxers Is Now Mainstream

Predominantly white, Christian, and right-wing, dead anti-vaxxers are providing a source of morbid comedy for a growing …


23 thoughts on “Making Fun of Dead Anti-Vaxxers Is Now Mainstream”

  1. No, making fun of anti vaxers is necessary. Making fun of those who CANNOT have the vaccine is wrong.

    Antivaxers risk killing others. So I have no problem disdainful their memory.

  2. I think it’s just normal humor on the internet. The other side makes fun of provaxxers getting sick & dying all the time. I still have my humanity & don’t partake.

  3. I think this is absolutely fair of them to do as their immune system shut down and they die of various forms of cancer and start dropping dead at astronomical numbers over the next several years, we will be happy to return the favor by calling them out for the stupid fucking sheep that they are. Looking forward to it you fucking losers.

  4. I don't feel for them. those are the people who are still spreading the virus, and killing people who actually are vulnerable, or not eligible for the vaccine. I feel sorry for them, but I don't feel sad, just like i won't feel sad about a dangerous pedo who died.

  5. This video is disingenuous in the extreme. It ignores the murderous results of conspiracy theorists who advocate against life saving public health measures.

  6. All cause mortality, 2020ad, year of Covid? No excess deaths.
    All cause mortality, 2021ad, year of vaccine? Tens of millions, globally. The vaxxed are victims of misinformation.

  7. So much pain in the world it makes me sad sometimes. I wish we could all just either get along it mind our own business. I know I’ll get trolled for this. But I don’t care lol. I just love people.

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