Liberal Hypocrisy is Fueling American Inequality. Here’s How. | NYT Opinion

It’s easy to blame the other side. And for many Democrats, it’s obvious that Republicans are thwarting progress toward a more …


20 thoughts on “Liberal Hypocrisy is Fueling American Inequality. Here’s How. | NYT Opinion”

  1. Hi, I'm Johnny Harris, one of the producers for this Opinion Video. I've always wondered why famously liberal states like California and Washington struggled to advance progressive policies, so I teamed up with NYT Editorial Board member Binya Appelbaum to get some answers. I'd love to know what most surprised you most in this video, or answer any questions you may have about how we made it — leave your comments below.

  2. The democratic party sucks…. because it's brimming with republican lite sellouts.
    We (people who believe in gravity, round earth, the efficacy of vaccines, etc) have proven we will come out for real democrats like Bernie Sanders. Not only that but we donated more than any other citizen only funded campaign in U.S. history. It's really not our fault.

  3. At the end of the day – when all the campaign ads are gone and the elections are all over – the politicians take off their flag pins and rainbow bumper stickers and go back to serve their true constituents – the wealthy elites. The Dems talk a good game when it comes to shared prosperity but when it comes time to enact policies they do exactly the opposite of what they say.

  4. No! No! No!This video is completely BS! It’s void of “correct context”

    You’re using Palo Alto a city where the Ultra wealthy Republicans live to describe “NIMBY” politics. What NIMBY politics doesn’t exist in the Highland Park TX. And why did you omit the fact that California passed a law that requires all new housing projects to include affordable housing. All commercial project must include plans for mix use (apartments mixed with small business).

    You’re arguing that Washington State “State income tax” isn’t progressive enough because most ultra wealthy don’t earn income. That’s news to me that the ultra wealthy always pay themselves with billion dollar paycheck. You forgot to mention, prior to Reagan, the IRS had as much as 17 different tax brackets. After W. Bush there’s only 4. And that’s only referring to the 4 effective tax brackets. So the ultra wealthy don’t use offshore tax shelters, corporate loopholes, carryover exceptions. And that’s Democrats fault?

    So you’re saying Zelma v Simmons 2002 Supreme Court decision, which affectively prohibits all states school board from allocation resources based on school needs. But must now allocate resources based on how much a community pays in taxes. So if wealthy communities pay more taxes they should get more of that money back to their community. So you’re saying all the Red states don’t do this. But it’s hypocritical when Democrats do this because the highest court in the land and third branch of government says all states have to do this.

  5. I greatly appreciated this video and thank you! Recently, I dated a 56 year old woman from Yorktown Heights, NY, which is a fairly affluent and educated area. She claimed to be liberal. Never have I met a more selfish and dishonest/unethical person. She talked about forging a prescription for her dog's special food, threw plastic water bottles into the trash, never offered to help pay for dinner, stole a sign from a golf course (no carts allowed) 'cause it looked cute in her garden, and broke up with me because I live too conservatively. At least I'm not a hypocrite. Yes, I think she typifies your garden variety liberal. Suffering from white privilege guilt, she talked a good game, but never, no not once, acted accordingly. YUP! Millions like that all across our nation. I'm from Connecticut so I see the liberal hypocrisy EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!

  6. try to tell this to liberal…they will simply say "well I don't know about that" and basically shrug it off and change the subject! They are literally brainwashed

  7. 7:57: As a Washingtonian, this is so very true. This whole nonsense that Democrats are going to tax their wealthy friends/supporters/the rich is just complete nonsense. It's crazy how Democrats are always saying that the republicans are for the rich when both parties are.

  8. Hey comrade, how much of your real estate value are you willing to sacrifice for affordable housing?Are you willing to take a 50% hit on your property values when they build a welfare hotel next door?

  9. I find there is a mass lack of accountability on majority of those who fall on the left politically. I find what's aspired on the left is practiced the complete opposite. Examples are combating racism, segregation; Promoting Diversity; International Peace Keeping; Advocation for Human Rights; Financial well being and education; list can go on.

    The issue is a majority of flaws from the Left are either called out with minimal consequences, or brushed off like nothing every happened. Even as worse as glorifying and accepting some very problematic ideals.

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