Latest Australian Immigration News April 2021, travel bubble, skillselect, work visas, Tasmania

Latest Australian immigration News April 2021 – Australia New Zealand travel bubble, new minister …


27 thoughts on “Latest Australian Immigration News April 2021, travel bubble, skillselect, work visas, Tasmania”

  1. Sir, I applied 491 visa and my point is 75. As per experience can I get invitation or not? If yes, how it will take. Another thing I heared Australia will completely open next year in June 2022. Is it true? Kindly please advise.

  2. Hii sir, we received an invitation to apply for 489 visa and have paid visa fee by September 2019.
    Our visa status as per immigration site shows as further assesment.
    We have furnished all documents that the case officer has asked for .
    There has been no intimation from the government yet. it is more than two years time now . Kindly guide.

  3. I applied for this July entry to study in Melbourne university. Thanks to the new change in terms of opening, so international students can enter the country this July? is that right ?

  4. My parents applied for the 143 contributory parent visa in June 2016, but have heard absolutely nothing. To be honest, the whole thing seems like a scam. No other country on Earth operates in way that takes visa fees and then doesn't even send an email for 5 years (and counting). We are keen to find out if there is any way of finding out what the status of ongoing 143 visa applications is, even just to find out if it is still being processed or if it has been cancelled without our knowledge.

  5. Please allow the atleast spouses whom they are strucked… they are facing lot of problems.. some one going into depression for their situations.. pls try to understand our problems..pls give me visa for wife’s in first priority and allow them into your country

  6. I haven’t seen my husband for 1 1/2 years. If I want to see my husband (485 visa holder) and want to grow my family HOW CAN I DO IT ??
    Doctors do not recommend to get it vaccinated. So now how to meet my husband without the vaccine ??? I don’t know.. we spent our money and applied for 485 dependent visa.. and it’s about to expire now. Didn’t even travel with it. What’s the government going to do about it ? All they do is travel ban travel ban. What’s the relief we have ??? We can’t see our loved ones. Why these inhumane decisions ?

  7. And Perth went back into lockdown yesterday all I want is a partner visa my age and skill set are going to make this difficult I hate to think it could potentially be a whole Nother year for those of you waiting on partner visas or just trying to go home to your families hang in guys and gals it’s always good to see you update from you it lets me know about where I should be sitting in the queue

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