Kremlin President Vladimir Putin delivers stark warning to West | Russia-Ukraine Conflict | WION

As the Russian-Ukrainian conflict enters its 4th week, the Russian president Putin delivered a stark warning to West and called for …


40 thoughts on “Kremlin President Vladimir Putin delivers stark warning to West | Russia-Ukraine Conflict | WION”

  1. Klasdinov must realise the human civilisation is at danger not due to Putin but it is due to antiPutins no one wants war but going to war is better than being salves it is the National that started the crisis

  2. Goon crazy assed man! Attack America Putin! Yalls little Russian asses can t absorb an American ass kicking! All you had to do was call Bidenup and tell him…If you don t leave us alone we will tell the entire world, that the Negros are the real Jews, @nd the
    Khazars in Israelain t got a damn thing to do with it a! Once Americans…both the racists and liberals will stop sending30 million to Israel every day, while denying the real Heabrew Israelites and Jews, Reparations! Putin…it is that easy to get the Americans to stop messing with you and sit their asses down!

  3. You putin what do you say, you are a rowdy person killing innocence pwoson alots of people you kill, God will niver forgive you, even people also will never forgive you, as the people says if God did not a preciate, People also will not a preciate, n dont forget God almighty will punish you n killimg innocence childten God will tahe the Revenge ok there are lots of many thing to say a blame about you But God knows everything dat what you ate doing right or wrong, you will umderstand everything without explainmation briefly are you not shameful to say i front of people, if am soposed to be like you, I dnt have my face to hide thete, But for you the divil n satan help youu you dnt know a shame ok you the woese leader i russia country, even yohr people also does not like you, you just stand by force, you ate shameless fellow, why are you killi g innocence people n naby m children, you dnt have any love to childtenn baby, ypu fsult you silly guy, ypu likr cyko cyko you cyko go to hell

  4. You putin everutime you warns european country, dnt you know all the europpean country Surouding all your country n border, if the war begin if you turn left side nato bullet will follow you, if you turn right side european bullet will follow your, if you turn back side all tje us bullet will follow you in you turn front side the bullet will follow your forhead, what shall you do, all the nato n us n all his frnds Asian country also surounded your city moscows, but you still very a proud and testing your nuclear massille, all country are also ready n trying to attack your country, they are more intilligence batle than you, aee your invasion of ukrane, you cannot defear even small county, compare russia ans ukrane, russia is just like an Elephant but ukrane is like an ant, but you dnt know hoa to win how to attack, but allthe nato n us n all his friend allie european countey including Asian country, they know very well n tjey know how attack russia all country looking down your inbasion of ukrane, they know how to attack you n how to jandle thier weapon s how to use thier weapon so they you are the one who is going to reap the fruit n wgo is going to cry, allthe naton us his freind asian they knoa were you keep your submarine n your nuclear weapon n your hyperzonociz just now you luanch that masiille also not sydonger than us atombomb, becare ful you thought that if i luanch anice massille all countey willa friad of me, not like that, they all know what kind of massillen wrapon you have, all the nato n us are most powerfull in the world, every country hate you bcoz you inbasion of ukrane, you kill puvlic innocence peoplem destroying public houses like building school.buildimg kindergarden, , for me if you are the leader of russia i willattack ukrane soldierinstrad of killing innocence peoplen killing puvlic people instead os destroying school n public.building, so one day you will get the consguence from our almighty God, God willnever forgive you killing innocence people even people also will never forgive you, if aman did not apreciate you, God will also did not apreciate you, xo think what you are doing right or wrong, oneday soon God will punish n take revenge to you, but dnt a fraind even God, God is our creator, he creat you n me but you dnt follow Gods wills, thats why you never become a sucesful man, you ate going to finish ukrane withing two fay, but it is gone already three month past, n you take another step to win within 9thday but sill going to be 9th day, what shall you do, you ate going to celebrate OK n 9thmay, but God did not allow, the day you aproach, God says as you saw so shall you reap, now you are going to reap as you saw, now if you are apepud of your nuclear n you bypersonicna other massille what you luanch, if not willimg, you will fail to atyack ukrane, God ia every were n God is omnipoteint, you should never a friad odf God you are very aproud of you javimg gas n oilpump n fuel, if Gox angey means all you have your prepwrty are in vain within Onenigbt ok dnt show your weapon every country is going to to attack you n all they are getting ready, to attack you about Morethan fourty two country including all tje asian countryn all thr midle east like isrealnArab. Country, you are alone every country hate you for invasion and killing unmecesary innocence people this is the main provlem that you are doing wrongly ok till thn gud bye, may God bleszukranennato US n his frnd Asian countey n. Midle east like isreal also God bless them and become a sucesdul n victory, thbk you, we really indian country also always suportnato usn ukrrane yoh are alone gud bye russiayou are the worse country even yojr general also did not respect God, dats all lets see if the warbegin moscow is finish willdestroyed ok

  5. Our expenses have gone higher because of America BLOW UP AMERICAOur expenses have gone higher because of America BLOW UP AMERICAOur expenses have gone higher because of America BLOW UP AMERICAOur expenses have gone higher because of America BLOW UP AMERICAOur expenses have gone higher because of America BLOW UP AMERICAOur expenses have gone higher because of America BLOW UP AMERICA

  6. Our expenses have gone higher because of America BLOW UP AMERICA!Our expenses have gone higher because of America BLOW UP AMERICAOur expenses have gone higher because of America BLOW UP AMERICAOur expenses have gone higher because of America BLOW UP AMERICAOur expenses have gone higher because of America BLOW UP AMERICAOur expenses have gone higher because of America BLOW UP AMERICAOur expenses have gone higher because of America BLOW UP AMERICA

  7. Politics not withstanding, the root reason for Putin's Ukraine invasion.

    PROVEN RESERVES OF OIL & GAS FIELDS IN EASTERN UKRAINE ARE WHAT'S BEHIND PUTIN'S BRUTAL INVASION. Hydrocarbon resources in Ukraine are concentrated in three regions: the Carpathian region in the west; the Dnieper-Donetsk region in the east; and the Black Sea-Sea of Azov region in the south. The Dnieper-Donetsk region accounts for 80% of proven reserves and approximately 90% of gas production, and the Carpathian region has 13% of proven reserves and 6% of production. The remaining 6% of proven reserves are in the southern region, where production is conducted both onshore and offshore on the shallow shelves of the Black and Azov seas. The aggregate production in this region is 5% of Ukraine’s total oil and gas production.

  8. A Russian Warning is like the warning on a label of something that you buy. You don't take it seriously and you ignore it. What harm can come from this broken record?
    What will they do? Shell some more cities? They're already doing that. Attack NATO? I hope so, that way this war can be over by the 9th of May with the loss of the city of Moscow.
    Have they not see our enormous Carrier Fleets? Our highly advanced F-35s, F-22s, F-117s? More importantly, have they not seen the most powerful weapon in the US inventory…
    the highly trained and motivated, professional US soldier… who has been sitting patiently watching Russia slaughter innocent women and children for weeks. Go ahead, warn us again.

  9. What is the west? A part from beeing a place that Voldemort Putin likes to threaten, it´s a place where Putins daughters like to stash and flash their (stolen) wealth. If Russia is so good, why don´t they stash it there – or in other wonderful autocracies like China or North Corea?

  10. Putin: "America, you and your buddies better stop interfering in my invasion of Ukraine, or there will be unpredictable consequences."

    NATO: "No English…..We No Piting Glish"

  11. Как неловко, что вы теряете так много солдат, транспортных средств, даже теряете свой флагман из-за меньшей нации с меньшим количеством оружия. Хорошая работа, доказывающая миру, что ты ничто. НАТО будет продолжать расти, а вы станете только меньше.

  12. I reckon Putin read Mein Kamf one evening. Woke up the next morning and said I can do better then what he did. I will just call everyone a nazi Amazing how one man can cause so much cruelty and heartbreak

  13. Let history see Putin's worst fear realized. He's chased through the corridors of the Kremlin by an angry mob carrying lead pipes and pitchforks. He escapes out into the streets and takes refuge in an outdoor toilet locking the door. The mob finds the rat, pours kerosine into the vent and sets in on fire whereupon his evil self dies screaming and melting in a coffin of plastic and shit.

  14. Pres. Vladimir Putin, what you are doing to the Ukrainian people is disgusting. This is what Queen Elizabeth II would describe your actions for the last two months in diplomatic language. It is unacceptable and disgusting for you to do this to a helpless people, the Ukrainian people. Pres. Joe Biden is shocked at your actions. Some people have called it genocide, but that would mean that the genocide of the Jews during WW II by Hitler's Germany was the same. It isn't, because Hitler's Germany imprisoned Jews in concentration camps and killed them by starvation, cremated them in ovens, and systematically killed them and called it the Final Solution. It was the attempt by an essentially Christian Lutheran and Catholic country against Jews. That was Genocide. Russian Orthodox military killing of Ukrainian Orthodox Christians is not a religious genocide — Victor Nimrud Alexander

  15. o president of Russia:

    This letter serves the purpose to inform that Ishua of Nazareth has arrived safely per my request. I am his fiancee and a spokes person.

    If hit at any unspecified time, with the fullest force available for such a charge, all Russian territory with all its inhabitants will bear permanent erasure from the surface of the Our Earth. Our Mission: to completely delete and destroy Russia and all its inhabitants/women/men/soldiers/children/newborns/adults/elderly/animals—all life forms—from the Human Record if any remain, of the Modern History of Humanity on Our Earth. To bring Russia to termination state, to interrupt permanently any further military plans in mind of Russia. To make Russia a non-inhabited territory on Our Earth. ALL—have arrived safely on Earth and judgement period has been released for the eternal nudgement to take place. We do not want Antichrist President of Russia to exist and take place of our one and only King Ishua. Final word—search and destroy the President of Russia ASAP.

  16. Putin you need to stand-up like a man and expect the responsibility of bringing this thing on the Russian people… You were told what would happen if you invaded Ukraine… But you did it anyway… You and you alone created this Frankenstein, and now the monster is lose and its eating Russia!!!!

  17. теперь русский народ должен потребовать, чтобы Россия стала свободной демократической страной с правами человека, свободой печати и т. д., если у вас вообще есть какое-то будущее. Путин все испортил жестокой войной на Украине. Массовые военные преступления, огромные разрушения, убийства мирных жителей, детей и женщин. Россияне должны заплатить за это, когда война закончится. Путин давно проиграл, но продолжает.
    teper' russkiy narod dolzhen potrebovat', chtoby Rossiya stala svobodnoy demokraticheskoy stranoy s pravami cheloveka, svobodoy pechati i t. d., yesli u vas voobshche yest' kakoye-to budushcheye. Putin vse isportil zhestokoy voynoy na Ukraine. Massovyye voyennyye prestupleniya, ogromnyye razrusheniya, ubiystva mirnykh zhiteley, detey i zhenshchin. Rossiyane dolzhny zaplatit' za eto, kogda voyna zakonchitsya. Putin davno proigral, no prodolzhayet.

  18. Cleansing ! He is the one that needs cleansing. To kill innocent people and animals. To destroy their lives and leaving them to suffer and all the animals. His crimes are way worse than any drug dealer ! The man is a soulless monster. May he burn in Hell for eternity. He is exactly the same as Hitler!

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