It's Not Manipulation, It's Strategic Communication | Keisha Brewer | TEDxGeorgetown

Keisha Brewer is a Strategic Communications professional and CEO of the PR Alliance LLC, an entertainment and lifestyle public …


21 thoughts on “It's Not Manipulation, It's Strategic Communication | Keisha Brewer | TEDxGeorgetown”

  1. I'm studying Strategic Communication in the fall for graduate school. I enjoyed this Ted Talk it helps me to better understand what Strategic Communication is.

  2. Interesting talk, I really enjoyed what you presented. However, for a communication's expert, you use "like" as filler word way too much and it gets distracting.

  3. For someone that is giving a speech about communication, especially strategic communication, I honestly feel her communication style is a bit annoying and not genuine. I understand a lot of people is giving positive feedback here, but if learning such strategy would make me end up communicating like this, I would be a bit cautious about it.

  4. Amazing job very clear too! Thanks so much this helps me for future interviews and skills to assist someone I work or socialize with

  5. Nice video!! Very engaging from the beginning to the End., I'm new to crypto trade and I have been making huge losses but recently i see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong..

  6. She is awful. She is so loud and squeaky. Super annoying. This is not great communication. Great communication is to be able to communicate with all different types of people.

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