iPhone 13 Review: Lowkey Great!

iPhone 13 improves the 3 most important parts of a smartphone. MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com iPhone 13 screen …


19 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Review: Lowkey Great!”

  1. No wonder I thought the notch on the iPhone 13s was just all black…the earpiece is at the top which sort of makes it a bit less noticeable compares to other iPhones with the notch.

  2. I own a Iphone SE 2020, im thinking about upgrading to this Iphone 13, will i notice a huge difference? I was thinking about 13 pro but is way more expensive to me, will the 13 be enough? Thanks

  3. Upgraded from the iPhone se 2020 to my iPhone 13 blue 128 GB and it’s a win because the SE had a terrible battery life and my new iPhone 13 can make it through the day easily without worrying about it dying being 3 hours into the day.

  4. Idk thank like the idea of Face ID ! Wth is that? I’m sorry to say that but I believe finger print was way easier n faster ! Sadly I purchased it but I don’t like it for this reason n it makes it harder to save passwords Face ID ! I’m not a fan of 13 or pro bcuz , when something is for my everyday use n second I don’t like to have troubles with ! Who else feel like me?

  5. I dont understand why IPHONE screen design is stuck with the same design since 2017…

    Can they hire someone who can provide a different design and move On the NOTCH??

  6. Hehe, i am on my 6s still. rn i am trying to decide if i want the 13 or 13 mini…

    Edit: i am tending towards the 13. I have decently large hands so the larger size wont matter and i think i'd appreciate the bigger display and longer battery-life.

  7. I got my first job since September 2021 and the amount I get paid a month I could possibly afford the 13 and I might buy that or the se but idk about the se

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