Introduction to QuickBooks 2021 – 4 Hour QuickBooks Tutorial! (QuickBooks Desktop Tutorial)

In this 3 hour and 55 minute QuickBooks tutorial for beginners, we give you a crash course in QuickBooks Pro 2021 Desktop.


35 thoughts on “Introduction to QuickBooks 2021 – 4 Hour QuickBooks Tutorial! (QuickBooks Desktop Tutorial)”

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  2. Hi Cindy
    I’m brand new to quick books…even book keeping for that matter.
    I work at a vet clinic and our day end report is added together. My problem is….we have no idea where to put A/R. Can you help? I have no problem entering the cash, debit…ect

  3. In my case, its useless because the other item which I tried to merge was just transferred to inactive… have you tried to check the inactive product? Still you could find the product there…

  4. Hi Simon sez IT, Thanks for your videos. I wanted to buy Quickbooks desktop 2021 version. Can you help me to buy the same ? I am sitting in India and going to start with US Cpa firm. My client ask me to purchased QBO desktop versoin without payroll? Please explain in brief its costing and is it one time cost or annually ?

  5. Thanks for such a informative video but the thing I'm missing is the portion of Stock or Inventory , which is very much essential for trading business and information about Business Debtors please respond

  6. Nice tutorial. One beef with QBO is that it misses a basic feature – marking an expense as billable and invoicing it back to a client. You must buy a premium plan with Quickbooks that gives you hundreds of features you don't care about as a freelancer. It's like a ruse – such a basic feature "billable expenses" singled out to push you into a higher plan…

  7. Hi Cindy, can I plug in all my household expenses, mortgages, household incomes rental properties. Basically I'd like a system that tracks every dollar that comes in and out from my wife and I. Including our Airbnb rental property, residential property, and a small landscaping business.
    Which system would you recommend that would track every household expense. Thanks

  8. How do I add outstanding Accts Rec/Payable balances when setting up my start up Chart of Accts? Would have liked to see a video segment on doing this and how to handle the customer's payment once received – same for paying bills residing in the A/Payable total?Also how to handle cash purchases and cash draws?Otherwise excellent video, thanks Cindy!!!

  9. Hi thank you for this video. We have two questions: 1 Does the Plus allow us to run payroll without scribing to QuickBooks online?

    2nd Where can we buy this for the price you paid?

    Thank you

  10. Great course. Learned a lot. Thanks a lot. I'll definitely join others short courses on this channel to increase my knowledge. Thanks for all of this work.

  11. This is such a great tutorial. It's like just when a question pops up in my mind, it is answered in the presentation. Thinking of applying to the online QuickBooks customer support agent positions through Arise when the opportunity "arises" again, so the information in this tutorial is definitely helpful.

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