Inflation worldwide: Why things are getting more expensive | Business Beyond

Inflation is a major challenge facing many parts of the world during 2022. Economic recoveries, unorthodox government policies …


20 thoughts on “Inflation worldwide: Why things are getting more expensive | Business Beyond”

  1. Great video, thanks! It was interesting that you mentioned Kazakhstan. As a citizen of this country I agree with what the expert said. Prices all seem to go up except for the salaries. Turns out printing money instead of solving problems doesn't actually work, no matter how hard you wish upon a star.

  2. This war is only making things tougher for the average Joe, prices going crazy globally and standard of living drastically dropping, I am literally scared for the future of the economy at this point. Everyone needs to brace themselves and get financially prepared for what's coming.

  3. The ECB printed money like there is no tomorrow, now Europe gets inflation. The cost of raw materials didn't increase, it's the value of money that decreased, by design, to save the failed idiotic project called Euro and an European Union that doesn't know how to properly manage its expenditures. Nevertheless, don't worry, all the guys and gals at the ECB and at EU institutions are getting nice paychecks.

  4. Inflation news everywhere, no good news in sight. Everything is getting from bad to worse at an incredibly fast pace and the government pretends like they don't see it. I for one has been hit very hard and at this point, I am more interested in a solution because I don't think an end is near. What is the way forward for the less fortunate ones like me? How do we survive this phase? I am slowly losing my mind.


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  6. If money is so susceptible to all sorts of problems, isn't it about time we just transition to something better? I don't think crypto is the immediate alternative either but surely we can come up with a system where these problems don't exist?

  7. First steps is not to create or go/ run a war.. second reduces arms races/ third not to select a leader who just talk/ work for won gain and finally again not to create/ go/ run war…

  8. Sadly this economic crisis means more inflation. My condolences to anyone like myself retiring this year. I need my money on something that hedge against inflation and as such need help in diversifying my 250k. I'm open to all recommendations

  9. The question I have is how much is the Green New Deal affecting the price of energy?
    Oil producers and refiners are going to adjust their production rate to ensure a big return.
    What CEO of an Exxon or Chevron would trim margins when the energy policy from DC is to eliminate your business COMPLETELY? What company is going to expand drilling if a government is trying to regulate you out of business? Excessive taxes and regulations will result in "nationalization" of the energy sector like Venezuela did before their crash.

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