Indian Resteraunt Food Stuns Gordon Ramsay | Ramsay's Best Restaurant

This week’s full episode of Ramsay’s Best restaurant, two of the highest voted Indian restaurants battle it out in Restaurant Gordon …


26 thoughts on “Indian Resteraunt Food Stuns Gordon Ramsay | Ramsay's Best Restaurant”

  1. I find it fun that American Indian food is informed heavily by British Indian food which in turn was heavily informed by what Brits living abroad in India during the days of the British Empire, experienced. This distilled over time and across an ocean into a fun unique thing that for some Indians, might even be puzzling in how specific it is, but damn I love it (and it makes me want to go to India and experience original Indian cuisines).

    I'm not a vegetarian but I would be in heaven at Pashad's (I'm an omnivore).

  2. The best Indian restaurant I’ve ever been to is in a gas station convenience store in tiny Ponchatoula, Louisiana USA. People come from all over to eat their amazing food. The family has done so well they are now opening a hotel and Indian American museum. But they aren’t moving the restaurant to fancier digs. The food is northern Indian not the more common southern. Just delicious.

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