📚 How to use SharePoint Document Library – Beginners Tutorial

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how you can use document libraries in Microsoft SharePoint. A document library provides a …


22 thoughts on “📚 How to use SharePoint Document Library – Beginners Tutorial”

  1. Hi Kevin – am keen to understand the pros and cons of Picture v Asset libraries. Asset libraries appear to be created so that you can share documents or templates across all your SharePoint sites. But the image library feature in an Asset library does not offer the meta data options in a Picture library. Picture libraries do not display file or picture size properly in Modern SharePoint – only Classic. Can you help us sort out what is going on here?

  2. In Microsoft Word, a user is able to change every instance of a particular word/phrase by using the FIND and REPLACE feature. Does SharePoint offer such a feature?

  3. Hi! Thank you for this useful video. I would just like to ask why I cannot edit my newly-added column for folders uploaded in a document library? Hope you’ll notice

  4. Sharedpoint site is good for sharing files until our company requires annual recertification on the files, which can get very annoying.
    Great tips. I haven’t used Teams, but will try out.

  5. Hello, Kevin thank you for this video. With regards to Sharepoint and Teams, I would like to know how do I remove a folder(s) in SharePoint that was added to a Teams channel? I am trying to remove two empty "test" folders from my Sharepoint library and I keep receiving the error "if you want to remove this folder from the library, please go to the channel on Microsoft Teams". Do you have a video that covers that topic? Thank you.

  6. Hi Kevin, Thanks a lot, very useful for me as I started to create a SharePoint site; on another point, I want to ask what audio interface are you using? I want to use the same quality of audio when I present.

  7. Thanks for video. Qn. If Everyone in my team can see the same SharePoint doc library in explorer, if we all open the same file wil it automatically show other users.

  8. Hi there, is it possible to add a new column for single line text that I can edit on the Folder level? I'm only able to do it editable on document level, I wanted to have it on the folder as well, let's say to store an ID for that Folder that has a Folder Name, but I don't want to have the name as ID-01 Folder Name, instead I want to have ID-01 in a separated column, is that possible to achieve?

  9. Very good + if a sharepoint file is synced and you delete it from OneDrive it does also delete it in the SharePoint (it will be in the SharePoint recycle bin for 93 days).

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