How to use Microsoft SharePoint

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how you can use Microsoft SharePoint to create a site on your intranet. Learn the basics of what …


40 thoughts on “How to use Microsoft SharePoint”

  1. Hi @Kevin
    I've seen a lot of videos and I'm still confused, so I appreciate your opinion.
    I have a Plan that is composed by several projects.
    Projects are carried out by a single team, but each project has different stakeholders.
    What I would like to have is something like a tree organization.
    The team would have access to all the documentation and information of any of the projects but stakeholders would only have access to information relating to their project.
    I thought I'd create one site per project and one Hub site to aggregate all projects.
    Do you consider this the best way to organize or do you have a better suggestion?

  2. I think I get how to make a communication site, I am having trouble with this piece. I want users to be able to find this site without any trouble at all. If it does not jump out at them they wont look. thanks.

  3. After looking at Teams, I’m curious what the main differences are? Definitely seems to have a lot of overlap (communication, task management, calendars, Etc). Considering what this would look like for our team and afraid we will end up confused with planners and notes all over the place

  4. Hi Kevin, I am truly impressed with the easiness and clarity you teach this subject of Sharepoint creation and administration. I thank you for this course, it helped me a lot.

  5. This was very helpful, and the pace is perfect – thank you. I would love to see another video on how to customize SharePoint to use our company's brand standards (fonts, colours) – do you have any videos that cover that?

  6. I have created my office with school Id. I don't see SharePoint in my list of apps. If i need to purchase externally. Could you please let me know how can I do that

  7. 7:22 u didnt show us how to make a list you just had a list already there how do i make a list click new? click? what?the dots how do u addd multiple items to a list

  8. Hi Kevin,
    I am trying crate a new site, but I do not get the option "create site" rather only "create news post". And there is message on top left side: You're seeing a limited version of this page because Office Graph is turned off.Learn more about turning on Office Graph.

    Can you please what could be the issue?


  9. I have a question, hope it isn't silly: If you just want colleagues to open and view files (Excel to be specific) and maybe run macros and stuff, but specifically DON'T want them to change and/or save them – in fact I'm blocking them from doing so – is there any benefit to SharePoint over just a normal shared drive?

  10. Hi Kevin, I'm interested in learning in detail about Microsoft SharePoint, how to connect to different cultural peoples and from various countries. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  11. Hi Kevin! Great introduction/tutorial videos as always! Was wondering if it's possible to customize the viewable contents for different people in a Sharepoint?

  12. I'm having trouble with the task of actually ENTERING new keywords when a similar, longer keyword already exists. Sharepoint's ultra-annoying auto-complete feature literally won't allow it! Is there any way to 'terminate' a new keyword entry that won't jump ahead to select an existing keyword term instead?

  13. Hi Kevin Thanks for the excellent video! Just wondering if it is possible to power automate a process where any new terms created/added to a term group/sets will be updated in a SP master list for overview and tracking purposes? If not any advice on alternatives?

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