How to run 5 businesses from one cart – BBC Africa

This Multi Business Cart allows you to run not one, not two, but five different businesses out of it. Its inventor Olorunishola Aje tells …


20 thoughts on “How to run 5 businesses from one cart – BBC Africa”

  1. Good-evening. How are you? I hope you are well. I, am all for maximum employment. But, the problem is identifying the causes of unemployment then acting positively to resolve the issue(s). I, am like Mahaa Ghandi except I do not have the great following, this Man had.

  2. @alice mald its a japanese skin lightening lotion It says in the article the african american hollywood celebrities use it because it easily changes their skin color from dark skin to light skin mixed race,however they deny it. I guess they deny using the lotion because they want people to think they are naturally light skinned and not bleaching their skin lighter,they should just be honest.

  3. Pretty good idea. I dont know if Nigeria needs more vendors on the already overcrowded streets. But great job thinking about something different that uses alternative energy.

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