How to make GREAT Small Talk | English Conversation Practice

30 questions to help you make GREAT Small Talk in English! ———- TIMESTAMPS ———- 00:00 Introduction 00:30 Why this is …


32 thoughts on “How to make GREAT Small Talk | English Conversation Practice”

  1. We always seem to start conversations by asking what someone does. In France it is considered rude to ask someone you don't know about their work; they see it as you trying to assess their social status, or trying to judge them on what they do.

  2. In the dead of winter with no coat in the cold and snow standing on my head on glass shards I would watch her scraping paint in sweats and no makeup. Emma is THAT beautiful. Perfect facial features and a flawless complexion only add to her beauty. Her eyes and smile are THE best. My opinion only.

  3. You ask all those kind of questions about somebody when they walk away from you and talk to someone else and say wow that persons is nosey as hell

  4. "What do you do?" I find is a question that should be lumped in with politics and religion. Depending on the person, it's an invasice question and is used to "judge" others. Don't use it.

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