How To Make A Logo in 5 Minutes – for Free

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23 thoughts on “How To Make A Logo in 5 Minutes – for Free”

  1. Please tell me how you added SURPRISE ME LOGO BACKGROUND TRANSPERENT? IN HTML AND CSS? I'm trying hard and it's really Difficult I have background image but i want my logo to show on left side of web page but transperent… I'm trying not possible that white…

  2. Dude you are amezing I have created 2 websites for my ecommerce platform 2 apps for the app and logo as well as all the designing by own.. you are amezing .. credit goes to you I didn't spend any of the single money to some third person and m just living my passion and great job love u bro

  3. This is honestly one of the best videos I've seen on YouTube. You got to the content immediately and you explained it so well! Thank you for introducing me to this amazing tool. I created my logo!

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